Yoo Ah-In touched more drugs…suspected of taking at least 8 types

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Actor Yoo Ah-in, who has been accused of drug use메이저놀이터, has been confirmed to have dabbled in at least three additional drugs in addition to the five originally known.
These are medical drugs classified as psychotropic, which means their use is extremely limited.
Reporter Lee Kyu-yeon reported.

Actor Yoo Ah-in is suspected of taking five types of drugs, including propofol, hemp, ketamine, zolpidem, and cocaine.

▶ Interview: Yoo Ah-in / Actor

  • “Do you have any regrets about doing drugs?”
    = “I do regret it.”

According to MBN, after the arrest warrant was dismissed, the police summoned Mr. Yoo once and confirmed that he had taken three additional drugs.

The drugs were midazolam and alprazolam, which are classified as psychotropic drugs and have extremely limited use.

It appears that Mr. Yoo was taking at least eight different narcotics for both therapeutic and recreational purposes, often by proxy.

▶ Interview(☎) : Park Jin-sil / Drug Lawyer

  • “All of them are now recreational drugs and eventually regulated under the Controlled Substances Act…(without a doctor’s prescription), so if you take an overdose, you can’t even think straight. Your attention span drops a lot and….”

Police also found that Mr. Yoo helped his accomplice, a YouTuber, flee the country.

Police have handed over Mr. Yoo and his aide Choi Mo to prosecutors on suspicion of violating the Controlled Substances Act, while the other 18 people who helped Mr. Yoo take his medication will be sent to prison soon.

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