Yomiuri’s ‘Home Run King’ collapsed… Long-term colon is likely

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The Japanese professional baseball Yomiuri Giants are on the verge of emergency.

Sho Nakata (34), who was leading the home run, collapsed. The exact condition of the injury has not yet been reported, but it seems to be a minor injury.

Nakata’s injury occurred in a match against the Yakult Swallows held at the Tokyo Dome on the 4th.

Nakata hit a double in the left field after one run in the bottom of the second inning, with the score trailing 0-1.

However, he reached second base as if he fell head first, perhaps injuring his leg while running second base.

Nakata called time and called the coaches.

He chatted for a while, then he lent head coach Abe’s shoulder and headed for the dugout with a limp. Okoe was appointed as the main runner.

Nakata is one of the few hitters Yomiuri believes in.

As of the 4th, he is leading the Central League with 7 home runs. It is the first time since his debut that Nakata is leading the home run.

He has a strong image of a big shot,카지노사이트 but he has never hit a home run at the same pace this year. He prepared as much as he did, and the effort was leading to fruition.

Yomiuri is in 5th place with 12 wins and 15 losses. However, as there is only a 1.5 game difference to Hiroshima in 3rd place, the A class (3rd place or higher) is in sight.

In particular, Yomiuri is a team with 27 homers, the most in the Central League, and Nakata accounts for a significant portion of them.

In a situation where they are preparing for a counterattack with many home run guns, the departure of the main gun is a big bad factor.

The results of the detailed examination have not yet been released, but looking at the injury situation, it seems likely that he will have to endure a long-term absence.

It remains to be seen how Yomiuri can overcome this crisis.

If Nakata leaves, Yomiuri will be unable to avoid a large power vacuum. It can also be a burden to raise the ranking that has been hit by the bottom.

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