Yesterday was “public education subject”, today is “discrimination”… Students have a ‘mental breakdown’

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President Yoon Seok-yeol instructed Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education Lee Ju-ho on the 15th that “problems in areas not covered in the public education curriculum should be excluded from the college scholastic ability test (CSAT)”, which is believed to have been an order for an “easy CSAT.” , there is great confusion among students, parents, and the educational community. The presidential office explained on the 16th that it emphasized “fair discrimination,” but it seems difficult to avoid criticism for causing confusion by abruptly making controversial remarks about a sensitive issue such as the CSAT.In a written briefing at 8:13 a.m. on the same day메이저놀이터, Kim Eun-hye, senior secretary for public relations in the presidential office, emphasized, “President Yoon did not talk about ‘easy CSAT’ or ‘difficult CSAT’ to Vice Prime Minister Lee yesterday,” emphasizing President Yoon’s instructions the previous day again in detail. told After President Yoon’s instructions were released the day before, concerns about the ‘water test’ were raised in the media, examinee’s and parent communities, etc., and confusion and dissatisfaction spread.As the controversy spread after Deputy Prime Minister Lee held a face-to-face briefing the day before, saying, “Exclude from the questions that have not been covered in school classes,” the President’s Office said four hours later that the subject of “exclusion from questions” was “fields not covered in the public education curriculum.” Edited brief content. In addition, “If excessive background knowledge is requested or questions in areas not covered in the public education curriculum, such as non-literature questions at the level of college majors, are presented in the CSAT, isn’t this saying that we should rely on private education unconditionally for these things? The education authorities and the private education industry are on the same side (cartel),” President Yoon’s remarks were additionally disclosed.The President’s office briefed again on President Yoon’s instructions that day and made a new statement that “fair discrimination is the essence of all tests.” When confusion over the difficulty of the CSAT was caused by the emphasis on the remarks made public the day before, “the CSAT within the curriculum,” President Yoon said that it was President Yoon’s order to “exclude areas not covered by the public education curriculum from the CSAT while having the ability to discriminate.” It is emphasized that there is a premise called ‘discrimination power’. In addition, as another example of the education authorities driving students to private tutoring, they cited “subject convergence problems that cannot be taught at school” and said, “It is very unfair and unjust. When people see this situation, they think that the education authorities and the private education industry are in the same circle,” he said.It is unclear whether the confusion in the education field will soon be resolved despite the presidential office’s clarification. The Ministry of Education also made an explanation to the same effect through an unscheduled back briefing this morning, but the reporter said, “The expression ‘within the curriculum’ is misleading that it is an easy CSAT.” In response to their repeated questions, they only repeated the answer, saying, “It is the keynote that content that has been sufficiently covered within the curriculum should be presented as a problem, but it is not a rigid guideline to unconditionally ask questions within the textbook.” It is still not clearly explained what the core of President Yoon’s order is.This confusion is largely attributable to President Yoon’s out-of-the-box instructions about one of the most sensitive subjects in Korean society, about 150 days before this year’s CSAT, without prior discussion or elaborate strategies. Initially, Deputy Prime Minister Lee Ju-ho’s business report agenda the previous day did not include content related to the CSAT. However, after receiving a report from Deputy Prime Minister Lee that the director in charge of the Ministry of Education was fired because he did not fulfill the keynote of fair college entrance exams within the curriculum, President Yoon suddenly issued this order. A high-ranking official in the presidential office explained to the <Hankyoreh> that day, “(Reported) that the deputy prime minister was resigning because the director in charge of the Ministry of Education seemed negligent, and at the end of such a conversation (the president’s order) came out.”This is not the first time that the Yoon Seok-yeol administration has caused confusion by aggressively pursuing a sensitive education agenda. Previously, in July and August of last year, the Ministry of Education tried to push ahead with a plan to reorganize the school system for early 5-year-olds without public discussion, but reversed it after encountering opposition from the education community. Upon receiving the Ministry of Education’s work report at the time, President Yoon ordered, “Quickly find a way to raise the school age by one year.”It is also controversial that President Yoon brought out the frame of the’Confidential Cartel Breakthrough’, which he came up with while criticizing various fields, as a countermeasure against the college entrance exam problem. Following President Yoon’s remarks the day before, an official in the presidential office targeted the hardened Ministry of Education officials that day and called them “evidence of an interest cartel,” but even the Ministry of Education “pointed out practices that have not been fixed well, rather than saying with specific cases or specific circumstantial evidence.” A comment that came out while doing it,” he explained.

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