‘Wrestling couple’ Jeong Han-jae’s promise “I will play for my wife in the Asian Games”

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Wrestling men’s Greco-Roman type 60kg class signboard Jung Han-jae (Suwon City Hall) is the next generation ace of Korean wrestling following Kim Hyun-woo and Ryu Han-soo (above Samsung Life Insurance).

Among domestic players, he is evaluated as having the closest skills to winning the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games and winning the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Jeong Han-jae won the silver medal at the Asian Championships last month and was the only Korean male athlete to reach the podium.

Jeong Han-jae, whom I met right after the game, smiled brightly, saying, “I haven’t had any luck in the meantime, but now I want to achieve good results.”

Just like he said, Jeong Han-jae suffered from a lot of bad luck.

After being confirmed with a novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) in May 2021, he competed in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Wrestling World Quarter Tournament in the worst condition, and was defeated in the semifinals, failing to win the right to participate in the Olympics, which took two titles in each weight class.

Last year, he won the national team selection match and earned the right to participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games, but had to replay 바카라사이트the selection match as the tournament was postponed for a year due to Corona 19.

“It was a very difficult time mentally,” he said.

There was someone who straightened out Jeong Han-jae, who was shaking. It was her wife, Oh Hye-min.

The two high school alumni got married in July of last year after dating for seven years.

Jeong Han-jae said of her, “her wife was also a former wrestler” and that she “trained with her every weekend to keep her body and mind in check.”

He added, “Especially, controlling her weight is very difficult, but I helped her to control herself by being next to her.”

Jeong Han-jae said, “I will play for my wife in the Hangzhou Asian Games,” and promised, “I want to win her gold medal and put it on her neck.”

Jeong Han-jae started wrestling while he was in middle school. Jung Han-jae, who was active as a judo player, switched to his sport after struggling with constitutionally not gaining weight.

Jeong Han-jae, who has good elasticity, started to stand out in wrestling. With his lithe body and explosive power, he has grown into a wrestling lightweight star.

Park Moo-hak, coach of his team, Suwon City Hall, said, “Jeong Han-jae is a player with extraordinary power to pick opponents.

Jeong Han-jae is doing weightlifting training in parallel to maximize elasticity, which is his specialty.

He digests up to 115kg of ‘power clean’, which lifts weights over his chest. That’s about twice his own body weight.

Jeong Han-jae said, “I am confident in my flexibility,” and pledged, “I will make good use of my special skills to produce good results.”

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