Woori Bank-BNK, who met in the championship match of ‘Government vs. Pae-gi’, which team will take 70% chance?

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The distinguished Woori Bank and the ambitious BNK met in the championship match.

On the 19th, the first leg of the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball championship match between Asan Woori Bank and Busan BNK Some will be held at Asan Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium. Woori Bank has an absolute advantage in the regular league with 5 wins and 1 loss. However, due to the recent momentum of BNK and the nature of short-term battles with countless variables, the direction of the series cannot be predicted prematurely.

The confrontation between the two teams can be described as respectability versus perseverance. First of all, Woori Bank is a team of authority. The starting lineups Park Hye-jin, Park Ji-hyeon, Choi Yi-sam, Kim Dan-bi, and Kim Jeong-eun are all experienced. In addition to playoffs and championships, he has participated in several international competitions as a national representative. If we add the number of appearances of the Woori Bank team in the championship match, it is a whopping 69 matches. Of course, you will be nervous, but this is the reason you can have a more stable performance than BNK.

BNK, facing the prestigious Woori Bank, confronts them with ambition. The main members Ahn Hye-ji, Lee So-hee, Han Um-ji, and Jin-an are on the stage for the first time in a championship match. Looking at the entire team, except for Kim Han-byul, there is not a single player with experience in the championship match. However, the atmosphere of BNK, which has completely defeated Yongin Samsung Life Insurance for two consecutive wins, is at its peak. If Kim Han-byeol holds the center of the team and the rest of the players play their own games without being discouraged, they can compete against Woori Bank.

In terms of objective strength, Woori Bank is expected to dominate. It was because they had the upper hand with 5 wins and 1 loss in regular league matches메이저놀이터. The first match that was lost was the 6th round in which the physical strength of the main members was arranged after the regular league championship was confirmed. In other words, when you played a normal game, you got all the victories. All scores differed by more than 10 points except for the third round. Woori Bank has a high chance of winning because it showed skills that are one step higher than BNK in both offense and defense.

However, in sports, surprises can happen at any time. BNK should make use of the quick attack following the rebound, which is their long term. In the playoffs against Samsung Life Insurance, he posted an average of 6.5 quick attacks in 2 games, setting a new record for second place in the playoffs. Most of the main members of Woori Bank are in their mid-30s, so they need to shake them up with quick basketball. It is expected that BNK will have an advantage if the series goes into a long game as it is clearly ahead in the physical fight.

The probability of winning the first leg of the WKBL championship match is a whopping 70% (21/30). So, it seems that both teams will make a life-and-death battle in the first leg. The result will be known at 2:25 p.m. who will be the team that will take the first game and win a 70% chance.

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