who has heard the praise that ‘Lee Ki-je’s stay is better than recruiting’, “Ah, I like Suwon”

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When Lee Gi-je (Suwon Samsung) extended his contract, fans were delighted saying that it was better than most signings. Lee Ki-je smiled and said, “I like Suwon too.”

On the afternoon of the 27th, the Korea Professional Football Federation held the Suwon Samsung Winter Battery Training Media Camp at a hotel in Jeju City. Last year, Suwon, which had its first promotion playoff, started its second field training in Jeju from the 25th with the determination to rebound.

Last season, Lee Ki-je won the K-League 1 assist title with a sharp left-footed kick. It became known that many clubs showed interest, and Suwon fans were worried that Lee Ki-je would leave. However, in December of last year, he signed a 3-year renewal contract with Suwon, and will wear the captain’s armband this year.

Below is the Q&A from Lee Ki-je’s interview

– Suwon fans eagerly awaited the news of the renewal of the contract with Lee Ki-je. He signed a 3-year renewal contract, and

after coming to Suwon, he started to increase his attack points, and he thought that he matched well with this team. And then Suwon got better. Now, even though he is not a young player, he has a long contract period of 3 years, and has even been appointed captain. He was in the best mood.

– Have you heard the saying, ‘Remaining Lee Ki-je is better than signing him?’

Ah, I like Suwon, too. Suwon is the most comfortable team. Last year and the year before last, we disappointed our fans. Lately, I’ve been having a hard time. We will try to rise to the top with a different look this year. The goal is to win the ACL ticket. 먹튀검증 Please look forward to it.

– Inside Suwon, there was an evaluation that it was a silent claim.

It seems that the coach also wanted me to lead the team heavily in my style. I don’t even know what kind of leader I am. still looking On the soccer field, there is a lot of bitterness and nagging. (Yeom) Ki-hoon advised his brother not to be burdened and to stick to his original style. I have a very good relationship with the vice-captain (the late) Seung-beom, so I don’t have to worry.

– Last year, there were many scenes where Oh Hyeon-kyu received a cross from Lee Ki-je. When I heard that Oh Hyun-gyu was going to Celtic, I

was sad. However, thinking of Hyeon-gyu’s future, he wants to support him. Instead, there are strikers who match well with me like (Ahn) Byung-jun hyung, so it’s okay. Byung-jun reached the point where he could raise his cross without having to visually check his brother’s position.

– Recruited Akosti, the K-League 2 assistant king.

As K-League 1 Helper King, I think it will be fun to ignite the competition for the Helper King title . i want to win You must have big goals. We started tactical training in Jeju yesterday. I am a defender, but I have a strong aggressive tendency, so I want to increase my attack points more than last year. I wish Akosti would be more aggressive and score more goals than that. Then wouldn’t our grades automatically improve?

– Manager Lee Byung-geun and players all said that this year feels good, so you have to

do well. A lot of good players have come in and things have been going well since winter training. To be honest, I said I felt good last year too, but this time it’s different.

– If you want to point out the reason why the winter camp training is going well

I don’t know, but the physical coach has changed. The tension is so good that everyone is adjusting to it. He jokes and pranks a lot, but his voice itself is really loud. He spends his time helping the players a lot. I had a lot of hard workouts in Geoje, but it was fun. I feel that my body is getting stronger.

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