“We’re weak? Watch out” KIA ‘remaining catchers’ provocative harmony [Oh!Ssen Okinawa]

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“Please watch over me”.

The point of observation of the KIA Tigers 2023 spring camp is the catchers’ movements. To be precise, it is the rebellion of the remaining gunners. It contains director Kim Jong-kook’s wish. 

Last year, main catcher Park Dong-won obtained FA status and moved to the LG Twins. Suddenly, the main gunner was lost. He quickly promoted a trade and recruited Joo Hyo-sang from Kiwoom.

Four catchers including Joo Hyo-sang, Han Seung-taek, Shin Beom-soo, and Kim Seon-woo were included in the Arizona spring camp roster. After finishing the 1st Arizona camp, he is raising his skills through diligent training in the 2nd Okinawa camp.

Coach Kim Jong-guk emphasizes his defensive power, saying, “Attack is important, but first and second is defense.” Battery coach Kim Sang-hoon is training the four catchers with great care.

Han Seung-taek doesn’t fall out of the KBO league if you look at his defensive ability. He has the ability to catch and throw, including blocking. He fell behind in his offense and gave up the starting position to Park Dong-won. He is now the leader among the remaining four catchers.

Moreover, as a leader, there may be a strong sense of repulsion against the surrounding cast that the KIA catcher is weak. I’ve built up a good enough career. Now is the age to play baseball well. I’m trying to level up the blow. 

Joo Hyo-sang is in the process of completing rehabilitation after elbow surgery. He has also carried out throws without problems. He promised, “I’ll hit it well enough for the opening game.”

Coach Kim is expected to operate the catcher centered on Han Seung-taek and Joo Hyo-sang. Sweat never betrays. As much as I worked hard, I expect that there will definitely be some areas that are better than last year. 메이저사이트

Manager Kim said, “I’m sure it’s an opportunity. I always talk about it, but defense is important. Seung-taek has a lot of full-time first-team experience. We will use four people in the right place.” 

Joo Hyo-sang, who I met at Kin Stadium on the 28th, said a bone-inducing look at the KIA catchers. He gave strength to his voice, saying, “I often talk with Seung Taek-hyung. The outside gaze sees it that way, but he said that we should prepare well and show it during the season. Please keep an eye on him.” 

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