Volleyball court ahead of ‘No Mask’ “Comfortable cheering, expecting communication with players”

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As the lifting of the obligation to wear indoor masks is approaching, the expectations of volleyball fans are rising. There are obviously voices of concern about the re-proliferation of Corona 19, but most volleyball fans are in an atmosphere that welcomes it. 메이저놀이터

From the 30th, the government will ease indoor mask wearing from ‘mandatory’ to ‘recommended’. From this day on, you can virtually take off your mask and go in and out of the room. However, public transportation, medical institutions, and facilities vulnerable to infection are exceptions.

It was in October 2020, at the beginning of the Corona 19 incident, that wearing a mask indoors was mandatory. At the time, indoor sports events in winter, such as professional volleyball and professional basketball, required wearing a mask to watch the game.

However, as the mandatory wearing of indoor masks is lifted from the 30th, it is expected that more heated cheering will unfold at indoor stadiums such as volleyball and basketball courts. The number of spectators, which has declined since the COVID-19 outbreak, is expected to gradually recover. From the perspective of the Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO), lifting the obligation to wear indoor masks is good news.

A KOVO official said, “If you take off the mask, it is expected that the sound of fostering cheering will become louder and a lively atmosphere will be created.”

“If specific guidelines come down from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, we will follow them,” he said.

The volleyball fans we met at Sangnoksu Gymnasium in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, where the match between OK Financial Group and Hyundai Capital was held on the 26th, were also excited to watch the game after taking off their uncomfortable masks.

Choi Jin-jin, who came from Dongtan, Hwaseong-si, said, “I’m happy to be able to go back to my daily life of watching the game after taking off my mask.” Another volleyball fan, Seo Eun-jae, from Namdong-gu, Incheon, also welcomed, saying, “I’m most looking forward to being able to take off the mask and communicate comfortably with the players.”

But there were also opposing opinions. Joo Hyeon-mi, from Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do, has her elementary school-aged children, and her worries come first. “She doesn’t want to take off her mask because there are still confirmed cases of COVID-19,” said Joo. talked,” he said.

The Dodram V-League in the 2022-2023 season will begin round 5 for both men and women from the 31st after a rest day on the 30th when the obligation to wear indoor masks is lifted. From the 5th round, spectators visiting the volleyball court can take off their masks and watch the game.

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