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I’m just a slot player,” some slot players will say as table-game players look at them with pity, concern, contempt.

Slot players sometimes feel that they are less-valued casino players than other casino players. How do I know this?

I’ve asked them once they have warmed up to talking about their play. Speaking to a writer will often put players off because they think that writers have a tendency to be snooty and condescending.(Maybe some writers are.)

Slot players should realize that without them the casino industry across the country and across the world would not exist. You’d have some venues such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City (maybe a couple of casinos) and here and there across the world but the revenue country-wide and world-wide would be cut way short.

Slot machine revenues make up 60 to 90 percent of many casinos’ income—and that’s a lot. Yet, when you have thousands of casinos all over Earth, there are not enough players to keep them all afloat.

If we suddenly stopped all casinos from using slot machines to generate income, well, most casinos would fold quickly.

Take this to heart: Slot players rule; they are the royalty of casino play. Period. Without those players, the machines would be useless. Even the thriving slot machine business on the Internet would crumble and we would be left with silly games about candy and creatures no one with any intellect can stand. You’d spend a lot of time playing against teenagers and college students looking to while their study time away.

If you are a slot player, and I would guess you are if you are reading this, then take the fact that you are royalty to the casinos’ hierarchy as a given. 메이저놀이터

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