University Football Federation, Yonsei University and Kyonggi University disciplined for ‘spinning the ball’

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The Korea University Football Federation has decided to prevent Yonsei University and Kyonggi University from participating in the tournament once again in the future due to the ‘ball-spinning incident’.

An official from the Korea Football Association said on the 2nd, “The University Football Federation held a reward and punishment committee and imposed a disciplinary punishment on Yonsei University and Kyonggi University, banning them from participating in one tournament hosted by the federation.”

The two schools were criticized by soccer fans for running a game in a different way from normal soccer games in the semifinals of the 59th Spring College Football Federation Tongyeong held on the 23rd of last month.먹튀검증

Yonsei University, who scored the opening goal in the 9th minute of the first half to make the score 1-0, spent about 20 minutes passing the ball in their own camp without any intention of attacking, and Kyonggi University, which was being dragged away, also stood by and did not move to seize the ball.

The official said, “The Korea Football Association, the upper body, is also reviewing internally whether the disciplinary action decided by the University Football Federation is appropriate.”

He then explained, “After reporting to the Fair Trade Commission and raising it as an agenda, we may make a final ratification, or we may consider it insufficient and impose additional sanctions.”

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