Turn over the ’10 game car’… Seattle overtakes Texas to lead AL West

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The Seattle Mariners (hereinafter referred to as Seattle) are having a miraculous season.

On the 28th (hereinafter Korean time), Seattle defeated the Kansas City Royals (hereinafter referred to as Kansas City) in a home game held at T-Mobile Park in Seattle, Washington, USA, 3-2, and took first place alone in the AL (American League) Western Division.

After sweeping three games against Kansas City, Seattle has won its 11th win in its last 12 games. Also, Seattle has a record of 36 wins and 14 losses, the best record in the Major League (MLB) since July.

Seattle, 74-56, succeeded in matching the odds with the Texas Rangers (hereinafter referred to as Texas) until the match. Texas gave up the lead in a 7-6 loss to the Minnesota Twins. Seattle, which had a win rate of less than 50% last month, produced an amazing miracle by overturning the difference of 10 games in about a month.안전놀이터

Seattle, which had not been in the lead since August 2003 after leading the league with Ichiro Suzuki, took first place in a single season for the first time 20 years later.

Luis Castillo (11-7), the starting pitcher that day, threw a perfect pitch without allowing a single hit, and Holio Rodris and Teosca Hernandez contributed to the team’s victory with their own celebrations.

Seattle coach Scott Serbias said: “We have undoubtedly performed at our highest level since July. It is evidence of our players’ efforts,” he said. “There are still many games left. Now is the time for them to focus on getting better.”

Castillo expressed his affection for the team, saying, “You can feel a positive and good atmosphere here,” and “It’s just a team that makes you want to go out and win.”

Meanwhile, the AL West was in a state of chaos. While leader Seattle continues its amazing momentum recently, Texas is experiencing the worst slump. Also, even 3rd place Houston is only 1 game away from leader Seattle.

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