“There is no comparison in the United States” 160.1km monster, ML advance notice already?

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There is no comparison,”

Hanwha Eagles manager Carlos Subero praised Moon Dong-ju (20), who recorded the fastest Korean speed of 160.1 km in the KBO League. He emphasized that he is a special pitcher that has no comparison even in the United States. He also predicted that Korea would rely heavily on Moon Dong-ju. In other words, he predicted the possibility of advancing to the major leagues in the future. 

In the Gwangju KIA Tigers match on the 12th, Mun Dong-ju threw a 160.1km ball against Park Chan-ho after one death in the first inning. It was a strikeout with a full strike at his knee height. He became the Korean pitcher who threw the fastest ball since the inception of the KBO. He is poised to renew the KBO league’s highest speed of 162.1 km, set by Redames Leeds during his LG days.

He wasn’t just arrested. He dominated his opponents for the remaining five innings, although he gave up two runs in the second inning. That’s how his performance got better. As a rookie last year, he was a fast-ball pitcher, but after a year of maturation, he became an overwhelming pitcher. He is improving his slider, changeup, and curveball.

He is giving up 2 runs in 11 innings and an earned run average of 1.64 in 2 games. Park Chan-ho, who faced Moon Dong-ju, said, “The ball is so good. Both the fastball and the breaking ball were perfect.” Considering that he is still growing, it is expected that he will become a formidable pitcher comparable to Kiwoom ace An Woo-jin토스카지노

Director Subero was happy with a bright expression. “It’s good to have the best redemption. You can say it was one ball, but one ball explained a lot of things. More in-depth was that he liked his curveball, changeup, and slider. The breaking ball has improved compared to last year,” he praised. It was great to record the highest velocity, but he highly praised the improvement in the perfection of the breaking ball 

. (American pitcher) We talked about who to compare with. The conclusion was that Moon Dong-ju was special. It is so special that there is no comparison. Everyone said in unison, “This is the first player like this.” He then praised him, saying, “In the future, many days will come when Korean baseball will rely on Moon Dong-ju. 

” There is a lot of time left for this, but it is expected. From now on, it seems that there will be big league clubs paying attention to Moon Dong-ju. Of course, the priority is to settle the KBO league, but it is clear that the value of Moon Dong-ju has skyrocketed along with the maximum restraint.

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