The sharp attack

<The 3rd Step> (30~41) = The physical fight of top-notch players is always thrilling. The black-and-white stones aim at their targets with sharp blue blades like knives in the moonlight or sickles for weeding. Even if you come close to it, it seems like it will be cut in pieces. Such a battle breaks out prematurely in the upper left ear.

Black ▲ and 30 is the strongest number like Ke Jie. Note: There is nothing special about the first degree. The point that was followed by 32 was also good. 33 is an absolute number. Note: You can catch the 2nd drawing, but you catch it and fail. It is a sandstone tactic. With 35, the third degree is difficult to hit A and B after 10. 안전놀이터

Black chose a private stone operation of 35-38 backwards. Killing your own stone when you can catch the opponent’s stone is, in a way, the state of a saint. Where can I find the opposite pay? When I cut it off with 39 and 41, the blue flame started to rise again.