The reason why he urgently recruited a ‘missing child’ as a free agent while giving away a promising 150km fastball

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Lee In-bok, who was a source of strength to the starting lineup last year, had surgery to remove a bone fragment in his elbow, making it difficult for him to pitch at the beginning of the season. On the 27th, Lee In-bok underwent surgery to remove a bone fragment in his right elbow. Since the progress of his surgery is good, the club expects that he will be able to return around May or June.

It can be said that the fact that he underwent surgery ahead of his battery training was sudden because of sudden pain. Bone fragment removal surgery usually takes only about 3 months to return, so if you decide to have surgery, it is often done right after the season is over in order to participate in field training normally. If Lee In-bok had undergone surgery in October or November, he would most likely have been included in the spring camp roster in February. 메이저사이트

It is speculated that Lee In-bok’s surgery was the reason why he suddenly signed a 3+1 year free agency contract with Han Hyeon-hee of Grade A ten days ago. Lee In-bok’s sudden surgery created a void in the beginning, and it can be said that Han Hyun-hee was recruited to fill it.

At that time, there were some fans who questioned Lotte’s contract with Han Hyun-hee. In particular, the fans were very disappointed in the fact that they gave away promising player Lee Kang-joon, who can throw a 150 km fast ball, as a reward player. Kiwoom, which has sent away many free agents, has always received only compensation money without compensation players, but this time it picked Lee Kang-joon as soon as it received a list of compensation players. That is why Lee Kang-jun is an attractive pitcher. When Lotte recruited Han Hyun-hee, the down payment was 300 million won, the guaranteed annual salary was 1.5 billion won, and the incentive was 2.2 billion won. It means to show Han Hyun-hee with his skills.

Lee In-bok is a starting agent discovered by Lotte last season. He appeared in a total of 26 games last year, including 23 starts, and digested 126⅓ innings, recording an average of 4.19 earned run average with 9 wins, 9 losses and 1 hold. In particular, he recorded 8 wins in the first half alone and became an axis of the Lotte starters along with Park Se-woong.

As for Lee In-bok, it is regrettable that he was slowed down by a bone fragment in his elbow while he was standing up a notch. Still, Lotte quickly showed its will to advance to the postseason this season by filling the void by recruiting free agents quickly.

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