The Olympic Games, the Sports for Life, will be held for the first time in Korea

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The ‘Jeonbuk Asia-Pacific Masters’,카지노사이트 an international comprehensive competition where athletes from all over the world compete, is being held for the first time in Korea.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister Park Bo-gyun) and hosted by the International Masters Association (IMGA), this tournament will be held from May 12 (Fri) to 20 (Sat) in 14 cities and counties including Jeonju, Gunsan, and Iksan in Jeollabuk-do. .

In this event, a total of 14,000 athletes from 4,500 people from 71 countries, including Japan, China, Mongolia, Australia, the United States and Uganda, as well as 9,500 from Korea, participated in soccer, table tennis, badminton, golf, track and field, and swimming. Participates in dog events.

Anyone over the age of 30, including club members from sports organizations around the world, former athletes, and retired athletes, can participate in the competition.

However, players do not represent any one country, but participate in individual qualifications, which is different from the elite competition, which is a national competition.

The Masters Competition is also called the ‘Olympic for sportspersons for life’ as athletes from all over the world compete and compete.

The International Masters Association, accredited by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), has been hosting international multi-events for sportsmen since its inception in 1985.

The first World Masters was held in Toronto, Canada in 1985, and the ‘Asia Pacific Masters’ is the second to be held in Jeonbuk after the first in Penang, Malaysia in 2018.

14 cities and counties including Jeonju, Gunsan, and Iksan are expanding and operating cultural events such as the Jeonju Daesaseubnori Festival, the Gunsan Lantern Festival, and the Iksan Baeksan Seowon Spring Festival so that foreigners visiting Jeonbuk can enjoy the unique local cultural charms along with sports.

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