The man who said “let’s have a first experience with me” to a smoking high school student, why is he on probation?

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“Tell your parents that you smoked or have your first experience with me.”

A man who tried to take her to his home for sex with a high school girl on her way home late at night has sentenced her to probation.

On the 19th, Maeil Business News reported that the 2nd Criminal Division (Judge Kang Hyeon-gu) of the Seongnam Branch of the Suwon District메이저놀이터 Court sentenced man A, who was handed over to trial for attempted adultery, to one year in prison and two years probation. The court also ordered 40 hours of sexual violence treatment classes and restrictions on employment in institutions related to children, adolescents, and the disabled for three years.

The incident happened in April of last year. In front of an apartment in Seongnam, 17-year-old Miss B bumped into her Mr. A on the way to her house. Mrs. A approached her, saying, “Let’s have a can of beer,” but Ms. B refused, saying, “She mustn’t be underage,” and hurried her home.

In response, Mr. A said, “Why is the student smoking? I’ll tell her parents,” she threatened, “tell her parents what she smoked or let her first experience with me.”

His persistence continued. Mr. A said, “My house is next door, so I will teach you sexual acts” and tried to forcefully take Miss B to her house, but was arrested by the police who were dispatched after receiving a report.

The judge said, “In view of the circumstances, content, and method of the crime, the guilt is not light, and the victim must have suffered mental pain from this crime.” Then, he revealed the reason for the sentencing, saying, “The victim side agreed with Mr. A and did not want punishment.”

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