The law is ‘innocent’ ↔ Fan heart is ‘guilty’ → 75 billion worth of ST “Get rid of it” clamor

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A year ago, in January of last year, Manchester United’s 20-year-old Shin Sung Mason Greenwood was arrested by the police for assault.

At the time, Manchester police said, “We launched an investigation after recognizing the video and photos posted on social media by the woman who reported the assault.” Greenwood was interrogated while in custody. She was soon released on bail following her death.

The woman was a British model and Greenwood’s girlfriend. She claims that she was sexually assaulted by Greenwood and posted pictures of her bruised arms and legs on social media. An audio transcript containing Greenwood’s verbal abuse was also released.

Immediately, United removed Greenwood from their roster. On the 3rd, a year later, Greenwood was acquitted of all charges surrounding him.

Immediately, Manchester United said, “All sexual assault charges against Greenwood have been dropped. The prosecution made such an announcement,” he said, uploading Greenwood again in the player profile section of the club’s homepage.

Manchester United have yet to give him permission to return to training, but there are rumors that he will return to the ground soon.

“I am relieved that this issue is over and I am grateful for the support of my family, loved ones and friends,” said Greenwood.

However, fans are not forgiving of this. According to British media, angry Manchester United fans insisted that Greenwood be kicked out of the club, even though the charges against him had been dropped.

Ian Sterling, director of Manchester United’s Fan Supporters Trust, tweeted: “He mustn’t play for us again”.

Dozens of Manchester United fans have also urged the club to sever the £100,000-a-week deal with Greenwood. 슬롯사이트

Of course, some fans defend that Greenwood is legally acquitted and thus qualified to play for United.

Greenwood scored 35 goals in 129 appearances for United until his final match against West Ham on 22 January last year. He was also selected for England’s national team to make his debut.

Before being arrested by the police, he was worth around £50m. He made a name for himself as one of Europe’s football’s hottest talent strikers, but as of yesterday he was cleared of legal responsibility after being charged by the police for assaulting his girlfriend.

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