The KIA special shortstop has disappeared… Kim Do-young’s time, ‘Lead-off Project’ started

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 It is Kim Do-young’s time.메이저사이트

‘Tigers Express’ Park Chan-ho is nowhere to be found in Okinawa spring camp. From spring training in Tucson, my wrist has been a bit bad. According to coach Kim Jong-guk, when he swings and stops the bat, he is under heavy load and suffers from pain. He dealt with the pain and took training and rest at the same time, but eventually moved to the Hampyeong rehabilitation camp.

Park Chan-ho’s departure means the opening of ‘Kim Do-young’s time’. Basically, Kim Do-young competes as the starting third baseman with Ji-hyeok Ryu and prospect Woo-hyeok Byun, who is a transfer student. However, he is also Park’s backup shortstop. On the surface, Park Chan-ho and Kim Do-young compete for a 3-way, but it is difficult to imagine a 3-way without Park Chan-ho at KIA.

However, Park Chan-ho can leave at any time, as in this case. It is unknown when Park Chan-ho will return, but it is certain that Kim Do-young’s range of maneuver has widened. This Okinawa practice game series is a valuable opportunity to re-evaluate Kim Do-young’s potential and ceiling.

First of all, Kim Do-young started as the first third baseman in Samsung Electronics on the 1st and made a big success with 3 hits in 5 at-bats, 2 RBIs and 1 stolen base. Most of the coaches showed Leadoff exactly what they wanted. On the other hand, on the 3rd, against Lotte, he started as the first shortstop and went 4 at-bats without a hit.

The number of practice matches is not that important. What is clear at this point is that Kim Do-young can take the leadoff role in the exhibition game and even in the regular season, going back and forth between shortstop and third base. Coach Kim Jong-guk hopes that Kim Do-yeong will become the starting pitcher soon. He was also cited as the key player of the season.

I got used to the third base defense. His hitting is also continuing to correct and supplement based on the painful experience of the past year. Even on the 3rd game, the quality of the batted ball itself was not bad. If you maintain a good pace like this, there is no law against taking the built-in leadoff this season.

At this point, it seems that Kim Do-young is slightly ahead of the competition for the starting third baseman. Coach Kim explained that since Byun Woo-hyeok’s defense power is inferior to that of hitting, he will be appointed in a way that makes use of his strengths. There are signs that Kim Do-young’s lead-off project will begin.

KIA ends its spring camp schedule with the Samsung match on the 5th and the Hanwha match on the 7th. It is necessary to observe the use and performance of Kim Do-young in the two games. The left infield of Kim Do-young and Park Chan-ho, and even Choi Won-joon, who will return in June. KIA’s left field could be full of energy this summer.

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