The Best Sports Video Games of All-Time

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The Best Sports Video Games Ever

Chances are if you’re a gamer, then you own a game in the sports genre.

Sports games have pretty much been around since the dawn of video games, and they have no signs of stopping soon, as their popularity only begins to skyrocket as many sports games are now making their way to the app store and many other large gaming platforms. To think a simple concept of replicating real-life sports into a video game could create such a popular genre is astounding.

Here is our personal Top 7, but they are not really in any particular order 스포츠토토


EA Sports Fifa series is a widely recognized and iconic soccer game. Debuting on December 15, 1993, it has spawned countless sequels and has created an ever-growing fanbase. With the release of Fifa 21, the series has reached its 28th game overall. It’s obvious that this series has no chance of stopping anytime soon, as one of the biggest video game franchises in history.


While not a sports game in the traditional sense, Wii Sports still indeed counts as a sports game. Wii Sports is basically a collection of 5 sports including baseball, golf, bowling, tennis, and boxing. There is also an additional training mode if you are interested in that. Wii Sports was the definitive game for the Wii and is truly a remarkable game.

Overall don’t let those childish graphics fool you, as this game is loads of fun, and will probably leave you staring at your TV screen for hours, and cause one or two arguments amongst the family!


Probably one of the most iconic and highly recognizable sports series in the sports genre, the Madden series has been around for decades and has no signs of stopping anytime soon. For context, Madden NFL began in 1988 and has since been growing strong with its yearly releases, and ever-growing fanbase.

American Football is the most popular sport in the United States, and although it isn’t widely popular in other countries, it is slowly becoming more widely recognised with the help of Madden showcasing the sport in action.


When you think of Fifa’s competitors, the first one to probably come to mind is the iconic but less praised Pro Evolution Soccer series. While many could argue that this series is a “rip-off” of the FIFA series of games, at a closer glance the games have very astounding differences and are very distinctive from one another.

Pro Evolution Soccer is kind of like Fifa’s younger brother in the sense that they came out at different times. The Pro Evolution Soccer series debuted on March 15, 2001, nearly 8 years after Fifa. While Fifa got the upper-hand advantage of recognition, Pro Evolution Soccer is still a great series to get into, and contrary to popular belief, PES Soccer is not a clone to Fifa soccer, in fact in many areas, it is actually quite different from Fifa.

Overall Pro Evolution Soccer is a great alternative to Fifa if you’re not too big on the mechanics of Fifa. Pro Evolution Soccer is also a great starting point for gamers who are looking to get into the sports genre of games.

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