“The best in Japan goes right through ML” Yoshida 2 hits – 2 RBIs… Senga’s debut 5⅓ innings, 1 run, 159.3km

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Masataka Yoshida (30), the fourth hitter of the Boston Red Sox, recorded a multi-hit in two games. On the 3rd (Korean time), he recorded 2 hits, 2 RBIs and 3 runs against the Baltimore Orioles at Fanway Park in Boston. Yoshida, who started as the designated hitter, went on base for three consecutive hits with a walk.

In the bottom of the first inning, the bases are loaded safely. He scored the go-ahead run on a grounder to first base. At the end of the 3rd inning, with no runners out, the 3rd baseman retreated with a ground ball in the second at-bat. Following the last at-bat on the 1st, no hit in 5 at-bats on the 2nd, and no hit in 8 consecutive at-bats.

When the runners went out, the concentration revived. In the bottom of the 5th inning, he scored a heavy hit at the 1st and 2nd bases. Baltimore left-hander Cole Irvin hit a high fastball at 144 km/h in the body. It was a final blow from 3-3. Boston, which was leading 3-0, gave up 3 runs in the top of the 5th to tie the game at 3-3, but Yoshida brought the tide back.

In the bottom of the 7th inning, when the score was 6-5, it exploded again. As the lead batter, he hit left-handed and went out. The changed pitcher, left-hander Kikon Aiken, threw a high fastball at 151 km/h outside. When the follow-up batter hit at the right time, he dug into the groove.

The last at-bat in the bottom of the 8th inning did not just go over. He walked out and succeeded in stealing second base. The follow-up hit scored an extra run. Boston메이저놀이터, which concentrated 12 hits, won 9-5. 2 wins and 1 loss in the opening 3 matches

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Yoshida played a big role as a center hitter in the World Baseball Classic (WBC). He led Japan to win by posting a new single tournament record of ’13 RBIs’. His good hitting feeling continued into the regular season.

Yoshida started in left field at No. 4 in the opening game on March 31. He was the first Japanese fielder to make his major league debut as the fourth hitter. In his first game, he had 2 hits, 1 RBI, 1 run and 1 walk.

4 hits in 13 at-bats, 3 RBIs, 4 runs scored and 2 pitches in the opening 3 consecutive games. Yoshida is showing that the best hitters in Nippon Professional Baseball work in the major leagues.

Senga Godai (30) of the New York Mets made his major league debut that day against the Miami Marlins. He gave up 3 hits and 1 run in 5⅓ innings and became the winning pitcher. He caught 8 strikeouts with a fastball that recorded a maximum speed of 159.3 km per hour and an average of 155.8 km and a “ghost forkball” that suddenly fell in front of the batter.

Unlike Yoshida, Senga did not participate in the WBC national team to focus on his team.

Last winter, Yoshida signed a five-year, $90 million contract, and Senga signed a five-year, $75 million contract. It is a skill recognized by Major League Baseball.

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