“That civil servant gets off work at 1 o’clock”… I skipped 100 times and my salary is full

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In Busan, civil servants who commuted to and from work as they wished but paid their wages were caught. The city of Busan is investigating whether they received the allowance unfairly.

This is KNN reporter Choi Han-sol.


Mr. A, who has been in charge of safety management at Gijang Gymnasium run by the city of Busan.

Although he was in a public service position, he kept a log of his three superiors, public officials, who were away frequently for the past year.

In the log, it is written that when one officer left work around 1:00 pm, the other officer went to work at that time.

According to the regulations, I work from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, but I worked one person in the morning and one in the afternoon.

This unruly shift was recorded over 100 times in Mr. A’s diary.

[Mr. A/Former public service employee at Gijang Gymnasium: Even one person should remain in the office, but around 3-4 PM, he also sits other people, other than civil servants, to answer the phone and leaves work.]

CCTV screen It is also included dozens of times.

Due to the nature of the gym, weekends are the busiest, but even at this time, he says he left without fail, only showing his face.

As I left, I returned the phone to the security office, but the damage was the responsibility of the complainants.

[Mr. B/Former public service employee at Gijang Gymnasium: The phone is being returned to us, so when the call comes, we don’t know if토스카지노 (officials) are there or not, so we can’t answer, and this situation keeps repeating.] Auditor of Busan

City As soon as it started, the Gijang Gymnasium moved three public officials in question.

[Busan Sports Facility Management Office Personnel: I think I don’t want to do anything (response to the media) because I’ve been sufficiently called to the audit office and I’ve done everything.] The city of Busan is conducting an investigation

into their habitual negligence and unfair receipt of overtime pay, etc. Punishments are also being reviewed.

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