SSG leader replacement only headwind… Even in the evolution of the club, fans “explain the controversy over the non-commissioned officer”

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SSG fans raised their voices in the controversy over the resignation of the championship leader and the non-commissioned officer. The club’s official explanation came out, but the fans said they couldn’t understand it and started a truck demonstration.

On the 14th, the SSG club explained the process of changing the manager and the suspicion of ‘non-profit’ with a statement in the name of CEO Min Kyung-sam.

CEO Min Kyung-sam said, “On the 12th, general manager Ryu Seon-gyu expressed his gratitude, and for the stability of the organization, we quickly appointed a successor.” I was very disappointed that the intention to resign was stubborn, saying that I had fulfilled my duty by achieving the goal of reconstruction.”

Regarding the rumor that a non-commissioned officer was involved in the appointment of Kim Seong-yong, he dismissed it as “the club selected the right person for the future through a normal decision-making process and opinion collection. The suspicion of a non-commissioned officer raised by some is not true.” He also emphasized, “The person mentioned by some is only one of those who serve as an advisor, and is not in any position to be involved in the personnel management or management of the club.”

Despite the club’s explanation, the fire did not go out. Things got more complicated as Vice Chairman Jeong Yong-jin started a heated argument with his fans on social media.

SSG fans raised their voices in earnest by announcing a statement along with the truck protest. On the afternoon of the 15th, the fans who organized the truck demonstration gave the proviso that “they do not represent all fans of SSG Landers” and said, “The replacement of the head coach can happen for any team. Doubts about whether the operation is running normally are problems that the club has to solve on its own.”

He added, “Fans who have loved Incheon baseball for a long time decided that a definite change was needed, so we decided to hold a protest using a truck to protect Incheon baseball, which is being randomly destroyed.” 안전놀이터

At the same time, he demanded an explanation for the nonsensical behavior of the person who was pointed out as a non-commissioned officer. These fans cited rumors that the person was involved in free agency and trades, being issued an AD card as an advisor, and participating in club events even though he was not an official member of the club as matters that SSG needs to clarify.

Fans who organized the truck demonstration said, “Fans know that the players and many employees have worked hard and devoted themselves to the club. We sincerely hope that their efforts and achievements will not be damaged by anyone.

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