Son Heung-min, ‘377G, 148 goals, 80 assists + PL top scorer’, remains a Tottenham legend even if he leaves now… “It will be difficult to object.”

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Even in England, it was confirmed that Son Heung-min was a Tottenham Hootspur legend.

British media ‘Give Me Sports’ reported on the 14th (hereinafter Korean time), “Even if Son Heung-min leaves Tottenham now, it will be difficult to dispute Son Heung-min’s evaluation as Tottenham’s legendary striker.”

He continued, “Son Heung-min recorded 148 goals and 80 assists in 377 games for Tottenham, showing good chemistry with Harry Kane. He was the top scorer in the Premier League (PL) in the 2021-22 season. Son Heung-min became the new captain of Tottenham and Tottenham “He became a legend,” he explained.

Son Heung-min has become a world class player recognized by everyone. Son Heung-min’s efforts and his father’s dedication were behind him to reach his high position. Unlike other players, Son Heung-min was trained directly by his father, who was a former soccer player. Son Heung-min’s father, Son Woong-jeong, taught him step by step from the basics. He later attended Dongbuk High School and shortly afterwards left for Hamburg as part of the Korea Football Association’s youth program.

Son Heung-min grew up step by step while living in Europe at a young age. Son Heung-min made his pre-season debut in Hamburg at the age of 18 in the 2010-11 season and immediately entered the professional ranks. Son Heung-min’s talent was notable even in Germany. Son Heung-min scored 41 goals in 135 games in the Bundesliga for five years with Hamburg and Leverkusen.

He was called by manager Mauricio Pochettino and entered the PL wearing Tottenham’s uniform. At the beginning of his transfer, he also received poor reviews. His touch was imprecise and his movements were poor. However, Son Heung-min made up for the shortcomings. In the end, he was reborn as a top-level PL winger. Son Heung-min showed good chemistry with Harry Kane and became Tottenham’s main scorer.

In the 2020-21 season, he was the PL top scorer. Tottenham performed poorly, but Son Heung-min boasted powerful scoring ability. Son Heung-min scored 23 goals and became the EPL’s joint top scorer with Mohamed Salah. He set a record as the first Asian player to become the top scorer in the top five leagues. Son Heung-min has risen to world class status. At that time, Son Heung-min scored 23 goals without scoring a penalty kick.

Last season was a little disappointing. He experienced ups and downs at the beginning of the season and there were games where he started on the bench. In addition, he suffered a serious injury, an orbital fracture, in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) and had to play wearing a mask. As the 2022 Qatar World Cup overlaps, physical fatigue has built up. It was even reported that he played while sustaining a sports hernia. Nevertheless, Son Heung-min showed his potential by scoring 10 goals and 6 assists in the league.

With Son Heung-min’s slump, Tottenham had its worst season last season. There were a lot of expectations as it was coach Antonio Conte’s first proper season. Coach Conte was a winner. He lifted trophies with Juventus, Inter Milan, etc. Tottenham fans hoped that Manager Conte would break the silence. He even completed reinforcements by bringing in Richarlison and Perisic.

They showed competitiveness until the beginning of the season and continued competing in European competition. However, starting from the 2022 Qatar World Cup, coach Antonio Conte left the team with critical remarks toward Tottenham. Head coach Christian Stellini served as acting head coach, but was sacked after losing 1-6 to Newcastle.안전놀이터

Coach Ryan Mason took on the role of acting head coach, but there was no turnaround. Tottenham finished the season in 8th place and failed to advance to European competition for the first time in 14 years. Even in the cup competition, I was not satisfied. Tottenham was eliminated in the round of 16 of both the FA Cup and UCL, and finished in the round of 32 of the Carabao Cup.

Tottenham announced a new beginning with the appointment of manager Enze Postecoglou. Coach Postekoglou led Celtic to the domestic treble last season. However, there were some concerns due to lack of big league experience. He was also mentioned as the coach to be sacked the soonest in the PL.

Tottenham lost Harry Kane this summer, but were successful in reinforcing him. Mickey van der Ven and James Madison were recruited, and Dejan Klusevski and Pedro Foro were transferred permanently from loan. A new captaincy team was also formed. Son Heung-min was appointed as Tottenham’s new captain, and Romero and Madison will assist Son as vice-captains.

The original captain was Hugo Lloris and the vice-captains were Harry Kane and Eric Dier. Lloris was on the verge of leaving the team, and Dier was not in coach Postekoglou’s plans. Kane, a Tottenham youth product, emerged as a strong next captain, but Son Heung-min took over the captain’s armband after transferring to Bayern Munich.

Tottenham said on the club’s website, “Son Heung-min has been appointed captain of our team. Son Heung-min inherited the captain’s armband from Lloris. James Maddison and Christian Romero became the new vice-captains. Son Heung-min, who is also the captain of the Korean national soccer team, is now “I am approaching my 9th season since joining Tottenham,” he officially announced.

Son Heung-min expressed his determination during the pre-season, saying, “This season, I want to show that Sony, who we all know is still there.” It was disappointing in the opening game. He did not show as much explosive power as before, and committed a foul in the penalty box and gave up a penalty kick.

Son Heung-min took on a different role than before. Previously, Son Heung-min was Tottenham’s main scorer. He took the opportunity and solved the problem himself by penetrating into the space behind the defense, but this season he played more of a helper role. He created an opportunity with a sharp pass at the center of the attack.

However, in the 4th round, he came to the forefront instead of Richarlison. Coach Enze Postecoglou’s choice was successful. Son Heung-min scored a hat trick and Tottenham won 5-2. Son Heung-min, who performed well, was selected as one of the best 11 in the fourth round. He even ranked first in the PL power rankings. Tottenham was expected to have a big gap in the front line with Kane’s transfer, but the emergence of Nails (Son Heung-min + lone top player) eased some worries.

Tottenham was on the rise. They drew 2-2 with Brentford in the opening game, but have won all three games since then and are undefeated in four games. They also beat Manchester United 2-0. Tottenham is currently in second place after Manchester City. Also, unlike before, they are using attacking soccer to provide fans with an entertaining game. Tottenham is the second highest scorer after Brighton, scoring 11 goals in 4 games. After the international break, Tottenham will play against Sheffield on the 16th.

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