‘Slowdown in the second half’, but BNK is getting stronger

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Busan BNK Some created a stir at the beginning of the season by running the club’s most consecutive wins (6 consecutive wins). Transfer student Han Eom-ji successfully integrated into the team, and Ahn Hye-ji played the role of ‘field commander’ by recording an average of double-digit assists. Kim Han-byeol also showed great success as if entering playoff mode. 슬롯사이트

BNK competed for first place with Woori Bank and Samsung Life Insurance, and these three teams were classified as ‘Top 3’. BNK coach Jeongeun Park waved his hand whenever he heard that BNK was a strong team. Director Park Jeong-eun said, “It is a team that still needs to learn and grow. I think the players are figuring out how to play as a team. The players are gaining confidence,” he said, adding that there is still a long way to go.

In women’s basketball, the first half is over and the second half is now in progress. BNK is still at the top of the list. BNK is tied for second place (11 wins, 8 losses) with Yongin Samsung Life Insurance. In a situation where Samsung Life Insurance lost its main player, BNK has the upper hand in the ranking battle for second place.

However, in the second half, BNK is not able to show the performance as well as in the first half. In the second half of the 2 matches, they won 1 and lost 1. It was defeated by KB Stars by 1 point, and 1 win was also a difficult victory against Samsung Life Insurance, where the main player left.

This, too, is the process of advancing to a strong team. No matter how many points they are trailing, the power to pursue them and overcome the opponents are the requirements of a strong team. These forces will become the strength of the team and will make the team stronger. BNK created scenes that showed that these forces were developing, even if their performance was poor in the second half.

In the match against Samsung Life Insurance on the 16th, through Lee So-hee’s great performance, BNK overcame the opponent’s strong pursuit and won a new victory (72-71) by one point. Lee So-hee scored 7 points in the last 4 minutes of the game. This must have been a nourishment for both Lee So-hee and the team. 

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