Seoul turns purple… will the world flock to BTS Festa?

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Following Las Vegas and Busan in the US, Seoul will be bathed in purple this month.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of BTS’s debut on the 13th, Seoul’s attractions will be lit up in the band’s signature purple colour.

From the 12th to the 25th, Seoul Tower, Dongdaemun DDP, Sevit Island, and Seoul City Hall will be dressed in purple during BTS Festa메이저놀이터.

In addition, the city has announced special events that are still under wraps, including a fireworks display over the Han River on the 17th.

In October last year, Busan hosted a BTS concert that attracted ARMY fans from around the world.

According to the city’s big data analysis of mobile phone and card usage, more than 500,000 people visited Busan on the day of the concert, 200,000 more than the previous month.

The economic impact was also significant.

In particular, the accommodation and catering industry took a break from the long struggle with COVID-19 and smiled broadly.

I’m interested to see how many overseas ARMYs will come to the festival for BTS, the undisputed world stars.

Online, Ami’s are sharing their travel plans to Seoul with each other, while hotels in the Dongdaemun and City Hall districts have reported a huge influx of foreign tourists and are fully booked this month.

Retailers have also been busy.

Department stores and duty-free shops have rehired foreign interpreters and increased foreigner-only signage and tax refund windows.

They’re also giving away gift vouchers to foreign customers as they go all out to “welcome Ami.

However, while the last Busan concert was the last full concert before BTS members enlisted in the military and was free and drew huge crowds, this year’s concert is unlikely to have the same impact as the group’s appearance has yet to be confirmed.

It seems that thorough preparations are needed to avoid a repeat of the problems that occurred during the Busan concert, such as the controversy over exorbitant rates charged by some accommodation companies and traffic congestion.

Hopefully, it will be an opportunity for many ami to fall in love with the country of BTS and the charm of Seoul without any safety incidents.

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