Seongnam is smiling… Following Chris, Denilson also exploded.

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Following Chris, Denilson also made a splendid K-League debut.

Seongnam FC won 2-0 against Cheonan City FC in the 7th round of ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023’ held at Tancheon Sports Complex on the 16th at 1:30 pm메이저놀이터. With 3 points, Seongnam moved up to 6th place in the league.

Seongnam, who finished the first half 0-0, made a change with a replacement card at the beginning of the second half. Director Lee Ki-hyung brought in Shim Dong-woon and Lee Jong-ho and put in Jung Han-min and Denilson.

This mercenary technique paid off. It was Jeong Han-min’s opening goal in the 30th minute of the second half that gave Seongnam the lead. After overcoming a physical struggle with the opponent in front of the box, Jeong Han-min sharply wound it with his right foot, and Jeong Han-min’s shot was sucked into the upper left corner of the goal. It was a wonder goal.

Seongnam continued their momentum and scored an additional goal. The main character of the additional goal was Denilson, who came on as a substitute along with Jeong Han-min. Denilson tried a powerful right-footed shot from a long distance with the opponent’s defense in front, and the ball left Denilson’s foot and went straight into the upper right corner of the goal. Another wonder goal, and Denilson’s K-League debut goal.

It’s a good thing for Seongnam. This is because the newly recruited foreign strikers are showing an activity that fits Seongnam’s intention to recruit. Denilson is a player who joined Seongnam along with Chris, another foreign mercenary. Both players were recruited by Seongnam to solve the goal decision.

The effect of the recruitment was felt immediately. Chris made his multi-goal in his league debut against Chungbuk Cheongju FC earlier this month, and scored two consecutive goals in the following match against Jeonnam Dragons, living up to his expectations. Denilson also made his debut in this game, and just like Chris, he brought joy to Seongnam by scoring his debut goal.

It is also positive that Lee Jong-ho survived together. Although he was replaced by Denilson in the match against Cheonan City, Lee Jong-ho, who worked with Chris in the previous two matches, was named on the list of scorers alongside Chris in the matches against Chungbuk Cheongju and Jeonnam.

The flow has also improved. With the win against Cheonan City, Seongnam will go undefeated in the last three matches. We were able to maintain our undefeated record in Tancheon this season.

Seongnam is happy with the performance of the two players. Chris and Denilson are solving the goal-making ability that was pointed out as a disappointing part at the beginning of the season, and the overall performance of the team is improving. Director Lee Ki-hyung, who said he had a lot of trouble in the process of recruiting the two mercenaries, is also happy with the performance of Chris and Denilson.

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