Seattle’s Kelnick fractures left foot after kicking bucket, tears of regret as he says he “let his teammates down”

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Seattle Mariners outfielder Jared Kellnick paid the price for a moment of anger.

Kellnick was placed on the disabled list with a fracture in his left foot on Monday (Nov. 21).

As Seattle manager Scott Servais told the Seattle Times and other local media outlets, Kelnick fractured his left foot after kicking a bucket of water in anger during a home game against the Minnesota Twins the previous day.

In the bottom of the ninth inning, with runners on first and second and nobody out, he kicked a bucket of water in a fit of rage after Mamoura John Duran struck out looking.메이저놀이터

He won’t need surgery, but he’ll have to wear a foot brace for a while. There’s no word yet on when he’ll return.

The injury was avoidable, which only adds to the disappointment and anger. Kellnick was interviewed by local media earlier in the day and was tearful and unable to speak for a while.

“I feel so bad for letting my teammates down. This is entirely my responsibility. It shouldn’t have happened,” he said, blaming himself for his behavior.

“Probably the worst feeling is the player himself. Athletes get frustrated with the results, but they also need to control their emotions. That’s part of being a professional athlete. He’s angry. He knows he let a lot of people down with his behavior.”

Kelnick, a former first-round pick in the 2018 draft and one of the prospects acquired in December 2018 in exchange for Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz from the New York Mets, made his big league debut in 2021, but hasn’t lived up to expectations, batting .201 with a .278 on-base percentage and .378 slugging percentage in 237 games over three years.

His best showing came this season, when he batted .252 with a .320 OBP, .439 slugging percentage, 11 home runs and 45 RBIs in 90 games, but he was hampered by an unexpected injury.

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