Sangju Girls’ High School’s goal of ‘participating in competitions from July’, improving self-confidence + losing consciousness

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“They are friends who are used to losing.메이저사이트 That’s why we need to instill confidence

. ” It didn’t have as much infrastructure as schools in Seoul. Nevertheless, competitive players such as Kim Si-on (Busan BNK Some) and Heo Ye-eun (Cheongju KB Stars) were discovered.

However, the 2022 season was not like that. Coach Lim In-soo, who leads the Sangju Girls’ High School basketball team, said, “Last season, there were many injuries. Power was not good. He looked back on the 2022 season, saying, “I haven’t been able to achieve anything like this.

The 2023 season is even better. A total of 8 people. However, Sangju Girls’ High School cannot digest the first half of the competition. This is because there are four players who cannot participate in the tournament organized by the Korea Secondary Basketball Federation until July.

Not having a tournament is a huge gap for young players. Coach Lim In-soo knows this. However, we plan to implement several methods to fill that gap.

Coach Lim In-soo said, “Two students entered Sangju Girls’ Middle School. There are 8 people in total. However, there are four players who cannot play until July. I’m worried that I won’t be able to compete in the first half of the year, but I plan to have a practice game with a nearby school until July.”

It is the same now. Stove League is being held in Sangju, the home court. Coach Lim In-soo said, “Low-grade players should mainly run. That is why practical experience is important,” he said, emphasizing the importance of practical experience.

Nonetheless, Coach Lim In-soo said, “Compared to last year, our power has improved. First of all, Shim Tae-hee, a junior, is a player recognized nationwide. He is a 180cm tall big man who combines steadiness, silence and responsibility. Although his speed is lacking, his strength is good. Of course, considering the long-term plan, she should be able to see 4 times as well.

He continued, “Park Jeong-bin, a sophomore, transferred from Masan. He’s a good shooter, a player who knows the way and moves. It means she has good basketball sense. However, due to lack of practical experience, there are aspects where the body does not move well,” and Park Jeong-bin, a sophomore, also considered it a core force.

Continuing, “Freshmen Hong Soo-yeon and Kim Bo-kyung also have to run for a long time. Hong Soo-yeon has elasticity and shooting skills, and Kim Bo-kyung is a player whose strength is breaking through. It is also encouraging that it is gradually increasing.” The two freshmen also looked forward to it.

Coach Lim In-soo, who introduced the team’s strength, said, “The category championship will be the first event. At that time, you will probably stutter. I want to achieve good results in the Fall Federation and National Sports Festivals based on the experience of the individual championships. I hope to go to the semifinals,” he said, conveying his goal.

However, “The players at my school now have lost a lot since they were young. accustomed to losing Instill self-confidence and eliminate the sense of defeat. Also, if confidence rises, there are many resources to grow into good players. That’s why I’m giving them a lot of compliments, and I’m putting a mantra that says ‘I can do it’.” I decided that the Sangju Girls’ High School basketball team could grow only when the mentality of ‘I can do it’ is in place.

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