‘Ransom price of 10 billion’ Even Benitez appears… In the mist of finding Bento’s successor

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It is still in the fog to find a new head coach for the Korean national soccer team.

The Korea Football Association broke up with coach Paulo Bento, who led the team to the round of 16 at the 2022 Qatar World Cup last year, and started looking for a new coach.먹튀검증

In order to meet the heightened expectations of the fans, a national team selection committee was formed after appointing Michael Müller from Germany as the head of the National Team Strengthening Committee.

The committee, which held its first online video meeting on the 25th of last month, has continued to look for a new director behind closed doors.

He announced that he would review various candidates, both domestically and internationally, but looking at recent reports from foreign media, the weight seems to be shifting toward the foreign command tower.

Since the committee started working on appointing a new director, several candidates have actually been discussed.

First, local media reported that Jose Bordalas (Spain) and former Getafe (Spain) coach had contacted the Korea Football Association.

In addition to the Brazilian master coach Chichi, former coach Thorsten Fink (Germany), former coach of Son Heung-min in Hamburg, German Bundesliga, former Leeds United coach Marcelo Bielsa (Argentina), former German national team coach Jürgen Klinsmann (Germany), Vahid Halilhodzic (Bosnia) Former Japanese coaches and others have risen and fallen in Hama Pyeong.

In addition, Robert Moreno (Spain), who recently served as the head coach of the Spanish national team and Barcelona (Spain), was also nominated.

However, it is true that most of them do not meet the standards set by Chairman Mueller for the Korean command tower, or go to Korea seems realistically difficult, so the reality is low.

Bordalas and Moreno have never left Europe, and Chichi and Bielsa cannot afford the ransom.

Some also do not fit with the so-called leading soccer style that Bento left in Korea.

In the midst of this, on the 19th, former Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez drew attention by revealing that he had received an offer from Korea in a podcast released by Sky Sports in England.

Former Spanish coach Benitez is the mastermind behind Liverpool winning the UEFA Champions League in the 2005-2006 season.

Since then, he has also directed big European clubs such as Inter Milan (Italy), Chelsea (England), and Real Madrid (Spain).

Since July 2019, he has also experienced Asian football by taking the baton of Dalian Yifang, a Chinese professional football team.

Returning to Europe due to the Corona 19 incident, he lives as a savage after being hardened at Everton (England) last year.

But Benítez doesn’t appear to prefer leaving Europe.

He said, “There were offers from China, Korea, and Mexico,” but “It is true that the Premier League (EPL) is the best league in the world. I am satisfied and happy with everything in England, including my family.”

Even considering the high ransom, the possibility of going to Korea is low. Benitez received an annual salary of 7 million pounds (about 10.9 billion won) from Everton, which is a big difference from the 1.8 billion won that Bento received.

The association initially planned to finalize the appointment of a new coach by the end of this month.

However, there is a prospect that an outline will come out around the beginning of next month as the search for a new command tower has been slower than expected.

The national team will play an A match against Colombia on the 24th of next month at Munsu Soccer Stadium in Ulsan. It is expected to be the debut match for Bento’s successor.

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