‘Pro golfer couple’ Ham Jeong-woo “Dad will make a lot of money”

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Even if I can’t sleep, even if I’m exhausted from training, I can only laugh.

This is the story of Ham Jeong-woo, a ‘professional golfer couple’. In an interview with Asia Economic Daily on the 14th, Jeong-woo Ham said, “Now I have become a golfer from a couple to a golfer.” He continued, “Now that he’s 2 years old, he’s feeling another responsibility,” he promised. “I think he’ll have to work out really hard.”

Ham Jeong-woo married Kang Ye-rin, born in 1994, who is playing on the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour in March of last year. After six years of dating, they drew attention as a ‘golf couple’. There is no record of a couple playing the first part of the domestic professional golf tour at the same time. Ham Jeong-woo got a princess last month. His name is Ham Soyul. Ham Ham-woo boasted of his daughter, saying, “It seems to resemble both mother and father evenly,” and “She is so pretty even when she can’t sleep메이저놀이터.” He smiled, saying, “If you’ve been working out for me and my parents, now I have to think about my wife and daughter. I’ll do my best. I want to show my daughter a good image. I want to earn more money.”

Ham Jeong-woo has been active as a national team member for three years since 2013. He is a top-class golfer who won the Rookie of the Year award at the 2018 Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour, won his second career win at the 2019 SK Telecom Open and the 2021 Hyundai Maritime Choi Gyeong-ju Invitational. Although there was no championship last year, he won the top 10 six times, including the runner-up at the Bodyfriend Phantom Robo Gunsan CC Open in August and the Genesis Championship in October. promoted with

Ham Jeong-woo is getting a lot of help from Kang Ye-rin, a former golf player. He met his wife for the first time on a practice green when he was in the second year of middle school and became his wife. Kang Ye-rin, who passed through the standing army of the national team, rose to 23rd place (179 million won) in prize money as a rookie in 2014. He played the regular tour and the dream (part 2) tour, and in 2020 he passed the seed match in second place. Last year, she went on maternity leave after digesting the first part tour only until September. Ham Jeong-woo said, “Running in competitions is lonely and difficult. My wife doesn’t bother me and takes care of me.” Regarding the timing of his wife’s return to the field, he added, “My wife is healthy after giving birth. I am worried about when I will return.”

In the Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance Choi Kyung-ju Invitational, Kang Ye-rin played a ‘big role’. She took her wife’s putter and won her victory. Ham Jeong-woo said, “My wife’s putter was scattered on the living room floor,” and revealed, “My wife said, ‘Take this and go out’ and I even won.” After winning this tournament, she used her wife’s putter until the next game, the Genesis Championship. He finished 4th in this competition as well. Ham Ham-woo emphasized, “There is no right answer for the putter. Weight and length are not important.”

Ham Jeong-woo started playing golf in the 6th grade of elementary school. He grabbed a club at the driving range in an apartment complex. His parents were initially against becoming a player because of the economic burden. For Ham Jeong-woo, Cheonan City in Chungcheongnam-do was a ‘benefactor’. When he was an amateur, he received help from Cheonan City, which actively fostered golf players. He supported up-and-coming players to play free practice rounds at Cheonan Ujeong Hills. It is the stepping stone that made Ham Jeong-woo what he is today.

Ham Ham-woo has a special love for his hometown, Cheonan. Last January, he joined Cheonan City’s new hometown love donation campaign. He was the first local athlete to donate 5 million won, the annual limit. Jeong-woo Ham said, “I added a little sincerity to repay the love I received in Cheonan,” and promised, “I will go out to love my hometown in various ways from now on.” Ham Ham-woo got married at a wedding hall in Cheonan.

Ham Jeong-woo is good at driver, iron, and putter. What he is most confident about is his approach shot around the green. “At 20 yards, he could stick at any moment,” he added. Ham Jeong-woo has a humble style. “I don’t think he’s a player with no strengths or weaknesses,” he said. Ham Jeong-woo trained in Thailand from early December to late January last year. He worked hard to increase driving distance and did a lot of exercises to prevent injuries. He also continued to practice putting, which he considered a weakness.Ham Jeong-woo is the owner of a positive mindset. I have a different idea about the criticisms of ‘lack of winning trophies’ and ‘weak back-and-forth’. Ham Jeong-woo said, “Competing for the championship means being at the top level. He said, “The experience so far will be a great help,” and “I have the confidence that I can win the championship someday.” Ham Jeong-woo is determined to bring something new this year. He laughed, saying, “It’s a very exciting and motivational season,” and “Seeing my daughter gives me strength.” Ham Ham-woo expressed strong confidence, saying, “I want to win a lot this season,” and “I will make 2023 the year of Ham Ham-woo.

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