Pepper Savings Bank’s Nia Reed was caught in cannabis jelly… Excluding remaining matches

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Women’s professional volleyball Pepper Savings Bank’s foreign player Nia Reed entered the country with hemp-containing jelly, but was caught by customs and could not play in the remaining games.

Pepper Savings Bank said that Nia Reid was caught and investigated by customs in September of last year while carrying jelly containing hemp메이저놀이터.

Pepper Savings Bank explained that Nia Reid was not aware that the item was legal in the United States but classified as illegal in Korea, and that it had no purpose in domestic distribution, and that it received negative results from a drug component test and was not prosecuted by the prosecution.

In this regard, the Suwon Immigration Office issued an entry restriction on Nia Reed for one year along with an order to leave the country on the 6th.

The Korean Volleyball Federation also held a reward committee yesterday (9th) and issued a warning to Nia Reed, and Pepper Savings Bank decided not to play Nia Reed in the remaining games this season.

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