Paju Youth Baseball Team, Sunchang-gun Wanted Blue Dragon and White Tiger League Achieved 2 Crowns

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The Paju Youth Baseball Team, led by coach Jung Sang-hyeok, defeated the Chungcheongnam-do Daejeon Seo-gu Youth Baseball Team in the ‘8th Sunchang-gun Wanted National Youth Baseball Championship’ held on the 1st in Sunchang-gun, Jeollabuk-do. 9 and became the first champion this season.메이저사이트

In addition to the Blue Dragon League, the Paju Youth Baseball Team also won the Dream White Tiger League (U-12), which is dominated by 4th grade players, and won two gold medals. He also won the runner-up in the Sprout League (U-10) and established himself as the strongest player in national youth baseball in name and reality.

Lee Seo-joon of the Paju Youth Baseball Team, who won the Best Player Award, said, “Our team’s strengths are strong teamwork and a lot of practice.” I want to thank my parents for supporting me so far so that I can play baseball, and I want to tell them that I love them.”

Jeong Sang-hyeok, coach of the Paju Youth Baseball Team, who won the coach award, said, “First of all, our players who worked hard in winter training this winter, which was exceptionally cold, achieved good results. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you, and as much as the start of this year’s first competition is good, I will do my best to guide you to achieve good results throughout 2023.”

This tournament, organized by the Korea Youth Baseball Federation (Chairman Lee Sang-geun), was held for 6 days from February 24 to March 1, and 127 teams, the largest ever, participated in 9 baseball fields including Paldeok Baseball Stadium located in Sunchang-gun, Jeonbuk. It was held successfully in the middle.

It was held in the form of a final tournament for the teams that passed as the top two teams in each preliminaries group stage. ) competed for the honor of winning the first national competition held this year in a total of seven categories.

The tournament was specially sponsored by Jeollabuk-do, Sunchang-gun, and Sunchang-gun Sports Association, and sponsored by Waniel-Diamen, Storm Baseball, Pin Sports, DOMINION, and Afreeca TV.

The finals of the tournament were broadcast live on Afreeca TV, and popular caster So Dae-su and former KIA Tigers coach Kim Min-woo, who turned into a commentator, received a great response from fans who probably love baseball.

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