“One by one, flight attendants took to the runway”…for this airline’s unconventional tastings

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On November 11, an unusual runway show took place at Esma Sultan in the heart of Turkiye Istanbul. Strutting down the runway, posing for the cameras, and then turning around to leave, were flight attendants and chefs.

Dressed in uniforms emblazoned with the Turkish Airlines logo, they held in their hands a meal. Whenever I fly, I’m always curious about what the meal will taste and look like, but I’ve never seen anything like this before.

The feast was to introduce Turkish Airlines’ new in-flight menu. From starters to desserts, the performers introduced the new Turkish Airlines in-flight menu one by one. From starters to desserts, Turkish Airlines unveiled its new in-flight menus, which boast visuals that make it hard to believe they are in-flight.

Turkish Airlines invited journalists and partners from around the world to experience the new menu, which features more than 300 flavors in both Economy and Business Class.

Turkish Airlines Chairman Ahmet Bolat. /Photo by Yeesin Kang, Travel+ Reporter
The event kicked off with a message from Turkish Airlines Chairman Ahmet Bolat. He presented Turkish Airlines’ achievements over the past 10 years and its goals for the next 10 years. Turkish Airlines, which ranked 39th in the world in terms of available seat kilometers (ASK – available seats per aircraft × distance flown) in 2003, has seen significant growth, reaching third place this year.

“Our goal is to double the number of aircraft in the next 10 years,” said Mr. Bolat, “and we will order up to 600 additional aircraft, maintaining the existing balance between Airbus and Boeing.”

“We will also increase the number of destinations served by Turkish Airlines to more than 400, and we expect to cover all continents when the airline launches flights between Istanbul and Australia in December of this year.”

Turkish Airlines executives pose for a photo with chefs and flight attendants who participated in the runway show. /Photo by Kang Ye-shin Travel+ Reporter
Turkish Airlines has been named the winner of the 2023 Global Airline Evaluation Organization (APEX) Awards for “Best In-Flight Dining in Europe”. The airline has partnered with in-flight food and catering company Do&Co to provide high-quality in-flight meals. More than 80% of the entire menu is made up of dishes utilizing local ingredients from Turkuye.

It’s also worth noting that all long-haul flights over seven hours have a dedicated in-flight chef for Business Class passengers. While most of the food is prepared on the ground, the chef is on hand to adjust the flavors to suit passengers’ tastes or provide additional light snacks upon request.

Two of Turkish Airlines’ new in-flight menus introduced at the event. /Photo by Kang Yeesin, Travel+ Reporter
At the event, the new Turkish Airlines domestic and international economy and business menus were displayed on a long table. I learned a lot of new things about the in-flight meals that I hadn’t realized until I boarded the plane.

Even within the same class, there are different menus for long and short haul. They offer different styles of cuisine, from Indian and East Asian to European. According to Turkish Airlines, traditional Turkic desserts and spices such as walnut baklava and honey are among the most popular.

The new Economy Class breakfast menu includes egg dishes, homemade muesli, and a variety of cheeses. During meal times, traditional Turkic appetizers, fresh pasta, and grilled options are available.

For Business Class, we’ve added homemade pasta, dumplings, and spaghetti options. We also offer handmade adana kebabs cooked over charcoal, grilled fish, and a variety of traditional appetizers and desserts.

Guests were able to sample their favorite dishes at various booths, /Photo: Yeesin Kang, Travel+ Reporter
After the runway show, it was time for the in-flight meal tasting. Guests were able to go from booth to booth and try all-you-can-eat dishes such as salmon salad and shrimp curry, as well as unlimited drinks.

The item that drew the longest line was the lamb kebab, which is available on the long-term business menu. The flavor was mild enough to make it accessible to non-lamb eaters.

Takayuki Murata, a photojournalist from Japan, said, “Usually, the unveiling of new in-flight menu items is done in a festive manner with the chef explaining the menu in the cooking area, but I was impressed by the festive atmosphere.” He added, “Turkish Airlines’ determination to become the ‘Michelin star of in-flight food’ stood out.”

The tortillas tasted at the festival and the tortillas served on board the flight to Incheon.
I was pleasantly surprised to see the same tortillas on the flight back to Incheon. It is often said that the same dish loses its flavor on the plane, but it was almost the same as it was at the event. The cheese was warm and not hardened on the plane메이저놀이터, giving it the same quality as on the ground.

It’s clear that Turkish Airlines is so serious about its food that it has a dedicated chef on board.

Turkish Airlines currently flies 11 times a week between Incheon and Istanbul. The airline currently offers 1GB of free in-flight Wi-Fi for business class customers, and is considering expanding this to all customers.

With the new Turkish Airlines meals and the internet to keep you entertained, the 11-hour flight to Istanbul seems much shorter.

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