Offseason Evaluation, Mets A&Yankees A-… San Diego B+, Dodgers D+

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 The American media looked at the offseason and rated each major league team. The New York Mets, who spent a lot of money, 카지노사이트 were classified as A, and the Los Angeles Dodgers, which suffered from power loss, were classified as D+.

On the 19th (Korean time), ESPN first put the New York Mets in the A grade, saying, “We will divide the grades from the team that dominated the offseason to the team that leaves much to be desired.” Following this, the New York Yankees received an A- grade.

‘ESPN’, which gave the Mets the highest rating, said, “The Mets’ salary, including tax penalties, is expected to be $468.5 million, more than $150 million more than the New York Yankees.” . Some spent on re-signing players, and some on replacing free agents with new free agents. It is the most expensive team in history. It’s as good as the 101-win team last season.”

The rich team Mets spent three years and $130 million to recruit veteran pitcher Max Scherzer a year ago. In this offseason, players such as Jacob deGrom (Texas) and Chris Bassett (Toronto Blue Jays) left as free agents, but Justin Verlander (2 years, $86.66 million) opened his wallet and prevented power loss.

He grabbed internal free agent Brandon Nemo and spared no money to recruit players such as Senga Kodai and Jose Quintana. It is evaluated that he maintained the power of 101 wins last year.

‘Left-handed fireballer’ Aroldis Chapman (Kansas City) left, but the Yankees, who recruited Carlos Rodon and strengthened their starting lineup, received the second best rating after the Mets.

The Philadelphia Phillies received an A- rating, the Minnesota Twins a B+ rating, and the Los Angeles Angels, with Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout, a top outfielder in the major leagues, received a B+ rating.

It is evaluated that the Chicago Cubs and San Diego Padres with Kim Ha-seong have become a B+ offseason. Atlanta is a B, Seattle is a B-, Arizona is a B-, Texas, Tampa Ay, and Houston are a C+.

Toronto, Miami, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Oakland, Cleveland and Boston were rated C. Pittsburgh is rated C-, Baltimore and the Dodgers, and San Francisco are rated D+. The Dodgers had many players who left during the offseason, including Trey Turner, Justin Turner, Cody Bellinger and Tyler Anderson.

Colorado, Chicago White Sox, and Cincinnati received the lowest grade of F.

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