Oceans, the Women’s World Cup official ball made by indigenous people, unveiled

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The official ball to be used in the 2023 Women’s World Cup, co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand this year, has been unveiled.

On the 25th, the International Football Federation (FIFA) unveiled the Australia/New Zealand Women’s World Cup official ball ‘Oceanz’, produced by Adidas, through its website.

Oceans, which was unveiled on this day, recalls the unique natural scenery of Australia and New Zealand with its thick curves and sea-colored patterns.

FIFA explained that it “visualized the Indian Ocean surrounding the Australian continent and the huge mountains of New Zealand.”

The unique design of Oceanz is also well confirmed in the name of the official ball. It seems to have been made by combining the initials of Ocean, which means ocean, and Australia (AU) and New Zealand (NZ).

It is all the more meaningful because two indigenous artists, Cherni Sutton, an Australian aborigine, and Fiona Corliss, a Maori, New Zealand, were in charge of designing Oceans.

FIFA Secretary-General Fatma Samura said, “Adidas created the official ball with a spirit of diversity, inclusivity and togetherness. “The rich cultures of Australia and New Zealand will provide a wonderful experience for the fans and teams who will be attending the tournament,” she said.

Oceans is also an aggregation of cutting-edge technologies that were proven at last year’s World Cup in Qatar. 헤라카지노

A typical example is the application of connected ball technology for semi-automatic offside reading (SAOT), which dramatically reduces miscarriages. An inertial communication device is inserted into the soccer ball to accurately determine the position of the player and the ball, and then read offside.

In addition, ‘Speed ​​Cell’ technology, which increases accuracy and flight stability by making a ball with 20 square polyurethane pieces with special protrusions, and ‘CTR-Core’ technology, which helps maintain the shape and air flow of the core installed in the ball, are also included. .

The Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup kicks off with the opening game between New Zealand and Norway on July 20th, and will be held for a month until the final match on August 20th.

The Korean national soccer team, led by coach Colin Bell, will face Colombia (July 25th), Morocco (July 30th) and Germany (August 3rd) in that order in Group H. Coach Bell held a New Year’s press conference on the 26th and announced his determination to participate in the Women’s World Cup.

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