North Korea sends an SOS to China immediately after the projectile crash… “Please come out to raise the rubble”

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It was reported on the 16th that South Korean intelligence메이저사이트authorities had captured the circumstances in which North Korea requested the rescue of a space projectile launched on the 31st of last month by China after it crashed in the West Sea Intelligence authorities believed that North Korea had requested the salvage of the projectile from the Chinese side to prevent the South Korean military from salvaging it, and it is said that several naval vessels were deployed around the salvage waters. The intelligence authorities are also keeping an eye on the situation, believing that North Korea’s internal agitation is not serious because it has not been able to resolve technical problems, although it has announced additional launches after the projectile crashed.

An intelligence source said, “We have been able to find out the situation in which North Korea asked China to help with the salvage immediately after the projectile crashed, and in response, the South Korean military deployed several naval vessels to promptly salvage it.” The first person to salvage a projectile that crashed in the high seas of the West Sea has the right, and North Korea seems to have asked for help from China to prevent technology related to the projectile from being handed over to the South Korean military. In fact, considering the fact that the North Korean projectile fell into the high seas in the West Sea, the South Korean military deployed several vessels for surveillance along with salvage manpower and equipment around the salvage site and conducted a search operation for the wreckage. As a result, about an hour after the crash, some of the wreckage of the projectile temporarily floating in the sea was found.

Intelligence authorities believe that North Korea has announced additional launches after the projectile crashed, but has yet to address technical deficiencies. North Korea’s Kim Yo-jong said in a statement on the 4th that he would continue launching military reconnaissance satellites. However, an intelligence source said, “As North Korea failed to launch additional launches because it could not completely solve the technical flaws of the crashed projectile, an unusual atmosphere was captured, such as agitation within the North Korean power class.”

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