Myung-bo Hong, the ‘winner’, “Adam the first goal, keeping + scoring were all good”… Cho Seong-hwan, the ‘loser’, “Excessive motivation → mistake”

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After 3 games, the victory sounded.

Hong Myung-bo, coach of Ulsan Hyundai메이저놀이터, said after winning 1-0 in the K-League 1 round 9 away match against Incheon United at the Incheon Soccer Stadium on the 25th, “We needed a victory. I’m happy to win. I think I won because I stayed focused in a difficult situation.”

Coach Hong started the rotation in preparation for two consecutive matches on weekdays and weekends. In the front line, instead of Joo Min-gyu, ‘Hungarian tall striker’ Martin Adam was again selected as the starting card. It was only 3 games. After going scoreless this season, he showed off Kang Yun-gu’s cross in the 9th minute of the first half and headed the winning goal.

The Ulsan defense won the victory by one goal while controlling the attack of Hernandez and Jerso, the ‘foreign combination’ who came in as substitutes for Incheon in the second half.

Regarding Adam’s long-awaited first goal, coach Hong said, “Last year, he came to our team and played a large role. It wasn’t bad this year either, but since we chose Joo Min-kyu and continued to win, naturally (Adam) lacked time to play. In the last game, I was injured and took a break, and today I came out, but it was good despite the aftermath of the injury. Keeping the ball and scoring are all the same,” he praised.

Regarding the defensive midfielder Boyanic, who also made a starter after a long time, “I have enough skills. However, his adaptability was a little lacking in the training process. I did my part well enough today. I think the midfield operation will be smooth through Boyanich.”

The rotation of attackers and midfielders has been successful, but the defense is risky. Central defenders Jeong Seung-hyeon and Lim Jong-eun, and fullback Kim Tae-hwan are suffering from injuries. In Ulsan’s 10th round home game against Gwangju FC on the 30th, the key is to recover the defense’s physical strength. Director Hong said, “I think I have to think about it. (Center back) Kim Young-kwon’s stamina is difficult. Today, I played with good concentration. I can’t help being tired,” he said. “I will judge well and check what to do in the next game.”On the other hand, Incheon coach Cho Seong-hwan, who was defeated again after three games, expressed regret, saying, “It’s unfortunate that the players who played for a long time were too eager to do it.” He said, “There was a defensive method, but the opponent’s tempo was fast, so the amount of players running increased. He made a lot of mistakes.

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