Myths and truths’ about golf balls

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The golf ball is the only piece of equipment used on every shot. Play 18 holes with the golfer during the round. That’s the key to determining your score. Depending on the brand and model of the golf ball, the outcome of the game is different. You should choose a product that suits your play style. Amateur golfers have a misconception about golf balls. Misunderstandings and truths about golf balls. 메이저놀이터

I think the more pieces, the better the ball. Pieces indicate how many layers a golf ball has. Recently, it has been used as a marketing method. 3-piece or 4-piece products are perceived as good performance or expensive balls. Wrong content. Just because there are a lot of pieces is not a good golf ball. The same number of pieces do not have the same performance. It is necessary to check what kind of development purpose the golf ball was made for.

It’s the relationship between swing speed and compressor. Weekend golfers choose golf balls according to their compression length. We have the wrong idea that ‘a golf ball with a low or high compression travels longer’. The performance of a golf ball has a complex effect on various factors such as core size and material, number and type of intermediate layers, cover material and thickness, and dimple design. Here, there is a difference depending on the golfer’s swing speed, amount of spin, and launch angle. Compression is a number that indicates how hard or soft a sound is. It is a factor that affects the feel and preference of golfers rather than performance.

There is a difference between a new ball and a lost ball. The lost ball cannot be confirmed under what circumstances it was recovered. A golf ball that has been in the water for a long time or has been severely damaged will degrade performance. In the case of a lost ball, the result of the study is that the spin amount is reduced by 22.3% and the flight distance is reduced by 14.4%.

It is a common misconception that there is a ball for amateurs and a ball for tour players. I think the swing speed of tour players is much faster than that of amateurs. This is because they are simply comparing driver shots. Golf balls are the same for pros and amateurs. Also, both female and male players use the same ball.

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