My blood boils when I hear the name Ronaldo”… ‘Autistic child assault’ mother’s anger

Ronaldo was suspended while at Manchester United. After the match between Manchester United and Everton in April last year, Ronaldo slammed the hand of an Everton fan who was reaching out to him, and his cell phone fell off. His hand was bruised and his phone was broken. 스포츠토토 The fan was Jacob, a 14-year-old boy with autism. This is why the criticism towards Ronaldo has become more intense.

For this action, the Football Association of England issued a two match suspension for Ronaldo. This punishment will also continue in Saudi Arabia.

As Ronaldo’s debut was delayed, Jacob’s name began to be mentioned again. There is a heartbreaking person in this situation. Jacob and his mother, Sarah Kelly. They still haven’t received an apology from Ronaldo. I still live with the scars of that time.

Kelly revealed her feelings through Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’. “Hearing the name Ronaldo makes my blood boil,” he said in anger.

He continued, “Ronaldo never apologized to Jacob or me. Me and my son were deeply hurt and stressed. After the incident, Ronaldo called me. He just boasted about himself. That was all. I “I didn’t even want money. What I wanted was a proper apology from Ronaldo.