“Mount is a better player than Haberts!”…Man U legend says ‘crayfish are on the side of crabs’

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The crayfish is on the side of the crab. A Manchester United ‘legend’ gives a more generous score to a United transfer.

Mason Mount (Chelsea) will wear the United shirt. The £55 million ($908 million) transfer is complete, with only formalities remaining. League rivals Arsenal have snapped up Kai Havertz (Chelsea). The price is £65 million ($107.3 billion).먹튀검증

Some United fans have expressed their disappointment. They believed that although they were the same Chelsea player, he was a better player. They felt they had lost a better player to a rival. That’s where United legend Rio Ferdinand came in, and he drew a clear line in the sand in a YouTube video. Mount was a better player than Haberts.

“He was brought in based on his performance last season,” Ferdinand said. And last season, he didn’t play his best. But if you look at his record since Chelsea won the UEFA Champions League (UCL), Mount is much more deserving. You can’t say he’s below Haberth,” he explained.

“This is a great signing for United. He will be a valuable member of the team. He is a good player, a top player. I like the way he plays football. He’s a player every manager would love. He might be a little bit lacking in terms of records because of injuries last season, but he was really good before that. He was one of the main reasons we won the UCL.”

The praise didn’t stop there. “He’s always a threat to the opposition, whether it’s goals, assists, or chances. He has a big impact on the game. He had a tough time with injuries last season. Mount will be happy to wear the red jersey.”

Finally, Ferdinand added: “Everyone knows that Mount is a good player. He will be a very valuable asset to the club. Everyone at the club will be delighted to have him in the red shirt.”

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