[MD Osaka] Kang Baek-ho is Plan C…3rd baseman Kang Baek-ho in preparation for an emergency [Yoo Jin-hyung’s on-site 1mm]

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Osaka (Japan)] Recently, a new gate has been created for the WBC national team. It’s a 3rd baseman problem. In the national team, players who can play third base are Choi Jeong (SSG Landers) and Kim Ha-seong (San Diego Padres).

However, the condition of third baseman Choi Jeong is not normal. He’s been training, but he’s not at the level of playing yet. In the process of returning from training in the US last month, Choi Jeong-eun made a long-distance trip that took about 35 hours by bus and airplane as his flight was changed due to a defect in his aircraft.

Afterwards, Choi Jeong’s condition hit rock bottom and he complained of pain. In the end, the practice game against SSG Landers’ 2nd team held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 3rd was missed. At the time, major leaguer Kim Ha-seong was not allowed to participate in unofficial practice matches due to WBC regulations, and Park Kun-woo (NC Dinos), who had never played third base since his professional debut, came up with a rare scene of playing third base.

A situation like this could happen again in the finals. Manager Lee Kang-chul said, “If Choi Jeong is not in good shape, Kim Ha-seong can take third base instead of shortstop and Oh Ji-hwan can play shortstop,” but the resources of two third basemen were not enough.

So is it like that? Kang Baek-ho (KT Wiz) was caught practicing third base defense during a training session held at Buffaloes Stadium in Maishima, Osaka, Japan on the 5th. Paired with Choi Jeong, Baek-ho Kang closely watched Choi Jeong’s training at third base and learned how to handle batted balls.

Kang Baek-ho is a designated hitter and first baseman. Although he is a corner infield like third base as well as first base, he is different from first base defense. Unlike 1st base, 3rd base has a lot of strong batted balls hit by right-handed batters. The defense against assault balls is not a big problem because it handles strong hits from left-handed batters at first base. However, the third baseman must be able to quickly and accurately follow the catch and throw.메이저사이트

Veteran third baseman Choi Jeong-eun observed Kang Baek-ho’s defense and generously gave advice on the difference between defending first base. The two players talked a lot and practiced defense together for a long time.

Of course, Kang Baek-ho’s third base defense is Plan C. It is a defensive training in preparation for an emergency. It was the calculated training of the national team to not allow any gaps in the WBC finals.

Fortunately, Choi Jeong-eun said that his condition improved a lot after arriving in Osaka, Japan. Coach Lee Kang-cheol plans to play Choi Jeong in one of the two practice matches to be held in Osaka after seeing Choi’s physical condition.

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