‘Luxury change-ups’ that fool even those who know better…Ham Deok-ju returns to the impregnable…

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LG’s Ham Deok-ju has made a complete comeback as one of the league’s best bullpen pitchers.
He hadn’t lived up to expectations in the past two years after switching from Doosan to LG, so what’s changed?
Reporter Kim Han-joon finds out.토토사이트

First and third base in the seventh inning with KIA down by two runs.

LG’s Ham Deok-ju throws a fastball in the middle of the plate, but the batter can’t react and strikes out.

The next batter’s bat is wasted on a falling changeup.

Ham Deok-ju saves the day for LG.

After being traded from Doosan in 2021 and struggling with injuries until last year, Ham Deok-ju has been the perfect protector of LG this season.

He has appeared in the most games and has the best ERA of any bullpen in the league.

He has also allowed the fewest hits in the league (1 WHIP), making it easier for fans to watch baseball.

▶ Interview: Duk-Joo Ham / LG Twins Pitcher

  • “I feel like I’ve recovered a lot, both mentally and physically, so I’m just trying to do my best baseball and it’s going well….”

Duk-ju Ham has a good deception, which is the action of hiding the ball when pitching, as well as a good command of his pitches.

It’s hard for hitters to tell if a fastball or a changeup is coming from the same pitch with a similar course.

That’s why hitters are so nervous when they’re faced with a fastball in the low 140s and a changeup in the mid 120s.

▶ Interview: Duk-Joo Ham / LG Twins Pitcher

  • “I was able to throw my changeup at the right time, and it was good that (catcher) Dong-won was able to read the hitters well, so I threw it with confidence….”

Ham Deok-ju is a left-hander, which makes him even more scarce, and as he becomes eligible for free agency after this season, his price tag is becoming “whatever you call it.

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