Lim Tae-hyuk, Chuseok Jangsa Wrestling gold-level domination… 19th flower palanquin in total

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‘Chuseok Man’ Lim Tae-hyuk (Suwon Special City Hall) won his 19th personal Geumgangjangsa title at the Chuseok Jangsa Wrestling Competition.

Lim Tae-hyuk defeated teammate Kim Ki-soo (Suwon Special City Hall) 3-1 in the Geumgangjangsa (under 90kg) deciding match (3 wins out of 5 rounds) at the Withers Pharmaceutical 2023 Chuseok Jangsa Wrestling Competition held at Suwon Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do on the 16th and rose to the top. This is the 19th time that Lim Tae-hyuk has won the Geumgang class. Including the two Taebaek-Geumgang level combined jangsa titles, this is his 21st personal victory.

Lim Tae-hyuk, who defeated Kim Kyung-bae (Taean County Office) 2-0 in the semifinals and advanced to the finals, got off to an uneasy start by allowing Kim Ki-soo to hit him in the first game. However, the second game was brought to Andari and the score was balanced at 1-1. The third and fourth rounds were concluded with a grab and a push, respectively, to decide the match.

Lim Tae-hyuk is particularly strong in the Chuseok wrestling competition and is nicknamed the ‘Chuseok man.’ He has won the Geumgang class a total of 19 times and has proven his worth by winning the flower pot six times in the Chuseok competition, including this competition. In addition, he achieved another victory in Suwon in 1 year and 8 months since the last championship tournament, last year’s Lunar New Year’s Day tournament, solidifying his status as the ‘Suwon Man’.온라인카지노

Lim Tae-hyuk, who won the Geumgang class of the Chuseok business wrestling competition, is standing on a flower palanquin and showing off his business certificate and bull trophy. Photo: Korea Ssireum Association
With this win, Taehyuk Lim took a step ahead of his rivals in the race for the title of most wins. While Choi Jeong-man (Yeongam-gun Folk Ssireum Team) was unable to add his championship due to a back injury, he tied the record with his 18th Geumgang-class championship. Noh Beom-soo (Ulju County Office) won a total of 19 times (18 at the Taebaek level and 1 at the Geumgang level), coming close to achieving the highest number of individual wins.

Lim Tae-hyuk regained the Bull Trophy for the first time in a long time, widening the gap between him and his competitors by winning the Geumgang class for the 19th time and winning the 21st time in his career.

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