Lim Joo-heon ‘No. 1 in short’… Korean figure skater like ‘Hwasubun’

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17-year-old Lim Joo-heon ranked first in the short program at the Figure Skating Junior Grand Prix Men’s Singles. Another promising star has appeared in Korean figure skating, which is like ‘Hwasubun’, a promising figure.

This is reporter Kim Hyeong-yeol.


Lim Joo-heon, who started his first international stage performance to the song from the movie Moulin Rouge, easily succeeded in his first triple axel jump, and also earned extra points for his three consecutive jumps.

Although the landing was a little shaky on his final triple lutz, he was beaming after performing all three spin assignments as well, receiving top marks.먹튀검증

[Lim Joo-heon, who celebrates his 18th birthday next Friday, presents an early birthday present with a stable short program.] With 75.38

points in the short program, he broke his personal best score since his Junior Grand Prix debut, taking first place, 1.34 points ahead of the Japanese athlete.

Lim Joo-heon, who broke his right ankle twice as a child, passed the national team selection competition last season, but broke his ankle again during training and had to return the Taegeuk symbol. However, he overcame difficult rehabilitation and went on to aim for a medal at the Junior Grand Prix, where he debuted late. That’s it.

Previously, Korea won seven medals in three competitions this season, including Shin Ji-ah in the women’s singles and Seo Min-gyu in the men’s singles, and another promising figure in Korean figure, literally ‘Hwasubun’, appeared.

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