‘Let’s go home’ Messi returns to Barcelona! It will become clear in the next few weeks

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Lionel Messi’s (Paris Saint-Germain) return to Barcelona will become clear in a few weeks.

Spanish media ‘Sport’ said on the 7th (메이저놀이터Korean time), “Barcelona will take action to sign Messi,” and “next week, the management will meet with Primera Liga officials to ask about the salary cap limit.”

Barcelona seeks return of Messi, who left two years ago. Vice President Rafael Youste has already admitted to contacting Messi, and coach Xavi Hernandez has also approved Messi’s return. Fans also chanted Messi’s return after watching Barcelona’s recent 0-4 loss to Real Madrid.

Fortunately, it seems that Messi will not extend his contract with Paris Saint-Germain. Paris Saint-Germain, which violated financial fair play (FFP) rules last year, is exposed to the risk of creating a similar situation this year. Paris Saint-Germain, which needs to cut spending, makes reducing salaries for its players a top priority. Naturally, he also proposed a 25% cut to Messi.

Messi has suspended negotiations over a new contract with Paris Saint-Germain. This is an opportunity for Barcelona. However, Barcelona has no financial space. It is doubtful whether it will be possible to register normally as it is already necessary to reduce 200 million euros (approximately 287.4 billion won) for next year’s salary cap.

Barcelona meet with La Liga officials to resolve the matter. “The club has been trying to reduce the salary cap for a while. We will negotiate with La Liga with the possibility of a reduction and income from the sale of assets,” said Sport. will negotiate with Messi immediately.”

Everything is expected to be decided within this month. The media said, “Even if Messi negotiates again with Paris Saint-Germain, it will not be an astronomical offer. In this case, Barcelona also has a chance.” “Everyone is interested in Messi’s return. I will do my best,” he explained.

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