“Kyochon customers, please come back… 3,000 won discount”

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Kyochon Chicken, which has been criticized for raising the price of chicken by up to 3,000 won and ‘opening the era of 30,000 won chicken delivery메이저놀이터‘, started selling at a discount. It is analyzed that the industry started to appease consumers as critical public opinion intensified by even holding a boycott.

According to the distribution industry on the 18th, Kyochon Chicken is conducting a discount promotion through Baedal Minjok (Baemin). From the 15th to the 21st, 4 types of signature menus will be sold at a discount of 3,000 won each through the Baemin ‘Mega Week Brand’ event. It is holding an event at the price before the increase.

Kyochon F&B, which operates Kyochon Chicken, has been providing chicken discount coupons of up to 4,000 won through its app since the end of last month. 2,000 won coupons are issued to new customers, and 3,000 won and 4,000 won coupons are issued to VIP and KING level customers, respectively.

However, despite the news of such a discount event, consumer reactions are cynical. There is a strong perception that Kyochon Chicken led the price increase in the industry every time, so it is interpreted that it is stuck with ‘ugly hair’.

Kyochon Chicken was the first chicken company to pay for delivery in 2018. They set a delivery fee of 2,000 won and began receiving an additional charge for each order. In July 2021, the delivery fee was raised by 1,000 won. As a result, competitors were also criticized for increasing the burden on consumers by collecting delivery fees. In addition, after Kyochon Chicken raised the price of chicken by 8.1% for the first time in the industry in November of that year, BBQ and bhc additionally raised their prices the following year.

In the midst of this, Kyochon Chicken increased the price of one main chicken and part meat menu by 3,000 won from the 3rd of last month. The representative menu, Honey Original, rose from 16,000 won to 19,000 won, and the honey combo rose from 20,000 won to 23,000 won. Including the delivery fee, it costs about 30,000 won to order and eat a chicken.

At the time, Kyochon Chicken explained that it had decided to adjust the price because the profit structure of affiliated stores was deteriorating. It is a position that the price of raw materials has recently risen significantly due to the rise in operating costs such as rent, labor costs, and various fees.

An official from Kyochon Chicken said, “The headquarters has frozen the delivery price of major raw material franchisees for 10 years since 2014, and as the cost sharing increased, last year’s operating profit recorded a minus (-)78% compared to the previous year.” Headquarters support also reached its limits, and price adjustments were inevitable.”

An official from Kyochon F&B, the operator of Kyochon Chicken, explained, “We are holding events on our app in various ways to attract loyal customers and give benefits.”

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