Korean baseball should consider the absence of philosophy

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This is Game 7 of the Japanese Series. Home team Rakuten Golden Eagles lead 3-0 (against Yomiuri Giants, November 2013). It takes time in the last 9 episodes. pitcher replacement The door to the bullpen opens and someone runs out. People doubt their eyes. He is a pitcher who threw 160 the day before. This is Masahiro Tanaka.

It’s crazy. At least in common sense it is. But the spectators are different. It is like the hearts that receive the Messiah. Everyone gets up and cheers to the introduction music. the parties’ words. “I felt a great spirit. I went on the mound thanking everyone who prepared this scene.”

What about the director who posted him? The late Senichi Hoshino. “If he didn’t have that guy, he wouldn’t have this position. The last minute is, of course, his.” It is an ace that set a new record of 28 consecutive wins that year. He got three outs in the ninth inning and kept the team’s first win.

After rinsing, it is time for an interview in the hall. the reporter asked. “This is the coach’s first win. How do you feel?” Director Hoshino’s expression hardened. and a firm tone “What are you talking about? What about my win… . All the while, I fought with the mindset that I had to soothe the pain of our fans. You have to commend the players here for giving courage to the children here and the people who are in despair.”

Rakuten’s home base is the Tohoku region. It was two years after the earthquake. He was still suffering from the aftereffects. Victims had to watch TV broadcasts in containers or temporary buildings. At Hoshino’s words, tears erupted from all over the audience. Director Noh, who had white hair, also cried out loud.

Hiroki Kuroda, the ace of the poor citizen’s club.

The ace of the poor citizen’s club. Hiroki Kuroda of the Hiroshima Carps is facing free agency. It’s obvious if you don’t look. The original team cannot afford to catch up. I would go to Yomiuri or Hanshin, where there is a lot of money. had given up. I repeat the same story as the model answer. “I want to go to the market and see my worth.”

It was his last home game. The right grandstand is suspicious. Hundreds of people are holding cards with the number 15 engraved on them. It is the uniform number of Ace, who will be leaving soon. They unfurled large banners. And chorus the phrase written there. ‘We fought together. Until now, in the future… Until the day that shines in the future. If you shed tears, I will be your tears. Karp’s ace, Kuroda Hiroki.’ (I 々 は 共 に 闘 っ て 来 た 今 ま で も こ れ か ら も… 未来 へ 輝 く そ の 日 ま で 君 が 涙 を 流 す な ら 君 の 涙 に な Car p て His てエ ー ス 黒 田 博 樹.)

The protagonist of the mound cannot raise his head. He just listens silently. a few days later A press conference was held. This is the place where the 15th resolution is announced. The heavy mouth opens. “If I came here wearing a different uniform and threw the ball as hard as I could against Carp, it would probably be dishonest with myself.” It means that I will give up FA and stay. This is the so-called “Lifetime Hiroshima” Declaration.

After playing for one more year, he moved to the United States. He played for the Dodgers and Yankees for 7 years. During his time in New York, he rejected the club’s offer of a multi-year contract. He only insisted on one year. To keep the promise we made when we left. “I will definitely come back when I have the strength left. So I will stand on the mound once again for Karp.”

Winter of 2014. The original team, the Yankees, of course. In addition, the Dodgers, Padres, and Red Sox sent love calls. The ransom value exceeded 16 million dollars. But the loyal man was determined. ‘It’s about time,’ he thought. The return condition was 400 million yen. It is a quarter of the ML presentation. The back number (number 15) vacated by Hiroshima was reunited with the owner after 7 years.

Ichiro’s impressions of receiving the Gold Glove Award

Company M, a world-class product manufacturer, was in an emergency. This is because of a setback in the glove production line. Nobuyoshi Tsubota, the top performer, announced his intention to retire due to old age. However, a problem arose with the takeover operation. It’s because of the toxic VIP customers. He repeatedly rejects his successor’s prototypes. Mariners outfielder Ichiro Suzuki.

It didn’t work, so I had to carry it to Seattle myself. More than 100 were made, and 6 of them were carefully selected. Still, the response was cold. It takes less than 5 minutes. After trying it once, an undeserved review came back. “well. It’s not like this.” Edited over and over again. It took several more months to get to the OK sign.

It was at the time of the Gold Glove Awards that year (2008). The feelings of the winners for 8 consecutive years were special. “If I hadn’t received this award this year, Kishimoto sensei would have blamed himself for it. I had to do my best to play so it wouldn’t happen.” It was a greeting to the new glove maker (Kosaku Kishimoto).

His thoroughness was well known. For example, bat storage. Place your cigars in a device called a tobacco humidor that allows you to control the humidity. It is the memory of the artisan Isokazu, Kuboda, the producer who was in charge of him. “I’ve never seen anyone in my life wear something so regular. Usually, he adjusts the weight or length according to his condition, but Ichiro-san manages his body to fit the bat.”

There are also many anecdotes about the amount of training. This is the memoir of CC Sabathia, a Yankees teammate. “Ichiro only has two days off a year. He’s the day after the season and it’s just Christmas.” The same goes for conditioning. The pre-game meal is always the same menu. For several years, it was curry rice that his wife packed. Another few years it was pepperoni pizza. Not because of taste or nutrition. It is an effort to maintain a steady state.

What is demanded of Korean baseball at a turning point

There is a high voice of self-reflection about being eliminated in the first round of the WBC. There is a great concern that if it does not change, it will gradually lag behind in competitiveness. Diagnosis of the cause of sluggishness is also diverse. Some baseball players talk about pitching power. That said, he is too obsessed with ball speed. I think that comprehensive abilities such as control, bunt defense, containment, and game management are prioritized.

It is also pointed out that the aluminum bat is the effect of being withdrawn. Using a wooden bat with less repulsive force means that you are in a hurry to hit it, and the power disappears. For this reason, it is argued that pitching power is overestimated. It is an impediment to balanced growth. Also, the need for a full-time coach and the management of the national team are raised. Eventually, the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) held an executive committee yesterday (16th). And issued a statement of apology. He also promised to come up with measures to restore performance and competitiveness.

Of course, these are necessary things. Those are the right words too. Controlling power is as important as 150 km/h. Reviving the aluminum bat should also be considered. It is natural to take special measures for the activation of youth baseball, improvement of performance, and management of the national team.

right. Outstanding numbers and records are important. Solid performance is fundamental. The appearance of a big star is also awaited. Reports of victory in international competitions are also desperately needed. But it should be more fundamental. You have to look a little deeper. The KBO League has already passed 40 years. not young It’s time to mature enough.

External expansion, infrastructure construction, and increase in economic value. This alone does not improve the quality of the league. The essence of existence, the role of the franchise, and the sense of calling for the job must be accompanied메이저놀이터. You must have a deep and high level of philosophical conviction and reflection. That is the basis for determining the dignity and quality of a league.

Ichiro is so disgusting. Obsessed enough to look morbid. There is a saying ‘preparation of preparation’. This means thoroughly preparing for the game. It’s hard to understand even if you see the same player. One day, Hiroki Kokubo (former coach of the Japanese national team) asked this question. “What kind of record does Ichiro-san aim for?”

Then the answer came back. “Does Kokubo-san play baseball to leave numbers? I have a stone in my heart that I want to polish. I want to make that stone shine through baseball. In order to do that, we cannot neglect the preparation for preparation.”

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