‘Korea-Ghana match referee’ Taylor excluded ‘WC final’ from FIFA…why?

Referee Anthony Taylor was excluded from the final.

The International Football Federation (FIFA) announced the referee for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar final on the 16th (Korean time). Poland’s Simon Marciniak was assigned as the referee for the final between Argentina and France. Pavel Sokolnitsky and Tomas Listkiewicz will also serve as assistant referees.

Originally, there were 12 candidates for the final referee, including referee Taylor. Referee Taylor was also a strong candidate to judge the final, but was ultimately excluded. There was a special reason for Taylor’s exclusion.

Argentina, who reached the final, defeated Croatia 3-0 in the semifinals. According to Britain’s ‘The Sun’, Argentine players enjoyed victory in the locker room after the match. In the process, some Argentine players sang, and the song became a problem.

Argentine players recited lyrics related to the ‘Falklands War’. The Falklands War broke out in 1982 between Argentina and England over the Falkland Islands. The war cost about 1,000 casualties between the Argentine and British forces. 안전놀이터

FIFA made this choice because it was concerned that referee Taylor, who is from England, could not make the right decision due to the songs of Argentinian players. Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ also said, “Chief Taylor was unable to participate in the final due to a historic incident between the two countries.”

Referee Taylor, who was in charge of the group stage between Korea and Ghana, did not allow a corner kick given to Korea at the end of the match, causing controversy at the end of the match.