KLPGA Tour Distance Ranking No. 2 Jungmin Moon’s long hit tip

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If you ask me the secret of long hitting, the answer is always the same. Golf swing practice is important, but it is emphasized that lower body exercises and flexibility exercises that increase the distance are essential. As a short track skater in my childhood, I have excellent lower body strength, and I still do not skip lower body strength exercises. There is a limit to increasing swing speed only with swing technique.

◆Based on flying distance
My address is characterized by a strong grip and a wide stance. If the stance is too narrow, stability may be lost throughout the swing. I don’t like to set the tee too high, but if I set the tee too high and intentionally pump up my swing, I’m concerned about the backspin and trajectory going too high.

◆Fixed and wide,
a small backswing arc cannot conserve power. To make a big backswing, think about reaching your hand as far from your chest as possible with your left arm extended. At this time, pay attention to the central axis of the body. Many amateur golfers swing with the central axis collapsing because they only think about the size of their backswing. Keep your head as still as possible throughout the backswing and feel your arms wrap around your upper body. 안전놀이터

◆Bold connection
The most important thing in the downswing is the connection between impact and follow-through. After impact, the swing must proceed without interruption until the follow-through. The fast speed created in impact should lead to the follow-through. In order for acceleration to continue, a relaxed sense of rhythm in the downswing is important.

If you try to hit hard in an instant, your body will stiffen in the transition and your swing rhythm will speed up. If you start the downswing in a hurry, the swing speed will rather decrease and you will not be able to continue the acceleration until the follow-through. You should make it a habit to start accelerating gently. 

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