Kim Tae-woo, who lost his post as mayor, “If the motherland is guilty, I must be innocent.”

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 Kim Tae-woo, the mayor of Gangseo-gu, Seoul, lost his position as mayor due to the confirmation of a suspended prison sentence. Mayor Kim argued, “If former Justice Minister Cho Kook is guilty, it is justice and the rule of law that the former should be innocent.”

Immediately after the final judgment on the day, Mayor Kim said on Facebook, “The truth cannot be covered with a political trial.” It was a report,” he said.

“Of course, I was recognized as a public interest whistleblower by the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission under the Public Interest Whistleblower Protection Act,” he said. It was quoted verbatim.”

Mayor Kim denounced, “In a democratic country, where on earth is there a country that punishes public interest whistleblowers?”

He said, “Prosecutor Moon Jae-in’s political prosecution against me was political oppression to hide the criminal acts of former Justice Minister Cho Kook and others.”

“Last year, the administrative power was replaced by the Yoon Seok-yeol administration, but the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court are occupied by figures who have fallen for the leftist ideology of the Moon Jae-in administration.”

He said, “However, the court completely ignored these basic values ​​of democracy and enforced political judgments and leftist ideological judgments.” It did not reflect the will of the residents expressed as “.”

District Chief Kim expressed doubts, saying, “The motherland hasn’t even finished the second trial yet, so what is the reason for trying to finish the trial of Kim Tae-woo before the term of office of the Supreme Court justices appointed by the Moon Jae-in regime expires?”

District Mayor Kim apologized to the residents for not being able to complete his term.

He said, “First of all, I would like to apologize to the residents of Gangseo-gu,” he said.

He emphasized, “However, even if I temporarily resign from the post of head of Gangseo-gu due to a political trial, the truth cannot be distorted.”

He said, “After taking office as the head of Gangseo-gu in July of last year, I confirmed the plan to relocate the construction wastewater treatment plant in Banghwa-dong and the fire prevention vehicle depot on Line 5.” It worked,” he explained.

“We also need to complete the relocation of the Magok cogeneration plant and the promotion of revitalizing the original downtown,” he said.

Mayor Kim said, “We cannot give up the old dream of Gangseo-gu people due to the political trial by the government prosecutors and courts of the Moon Jae-in administration.” I will,” he said.

Lastly, he said, “National public servant Kim Tae-woo will definitely come back and lead the renaissance of Gangseo-gu, the most livable eco-friendly city on the Han River in Seoul.”

Meanwhile, the first division of the Supreme Court메이저놀이터 (Presiding Judge Park Jeong-hwa) confirmed the lower court sentenced to 1 year in prison and 2 years probation in the appeal trial of Mayor Kim, who was accused of leaking official secrets.

Kim Tae-woo, head of the Gangseo-gu district of Seoul, who was charged with disclosing information obtained while working for the Blue House special inspection team to the media, lost his post as a result of the Supreme Court sentence. Gangseo-gu should hold a by-election in October this year at the earliest.

From December 2018 to February 2019, Mayor Kim, who was a member of the Blue House Special Supervisory Service, was involved in secret intelligence, such as the suspicion of bribery of Ambassador to Russia Woo Yoon-geun, the Korea Rail Network Authority Chairman Kim Sang-gyun, the Airport Railroad employee corruption intelligence, the list of special intelligence reports, He was indicted for disclosing secrets learned in public affairs, such as inspection data related to the leakage of KT&G trend reports, through the media.

The issue in this case was whether the spy reports leaked to the press by Mayor Kim were classified as official secrets as stipulated by the Criminal Law.

The Supreme Court said, “The lower court’s judgment that found the indictment guilty violated the rules of logic and experience, deviated from the limits of liberalism, or misunderstood the interpretation of ‘official secrets by law’ in the crime of leaking official secrets and misunderstood the legal principles related to just acts. There was nothing wrong,” he said.

Mayor Kim is a person who drew public attention by revealing that former Justice Minister Cho Kook stopped the inspection of the special inspection team even though he was aware of the alleged misconduct of Yoo Jae-soo, former vice mayor of Busan City, while serving as senior secretary for civil affairs at the Blue House.

Former Minister Cho was also charged with ignoring the inspection along with the case of ‘corruption in the entrance examination of children’, and the first trial in February judged this charge guilty as well. Dissatisfied with this, former Minister Cho submitted an appeal, and the first trial preparation for the second trial is scheduled on the 25th.

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